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August 22, 2013

ADARA Unveils 'Impenetrable Security' Solution for SDN

ADARA is bringing security to the new arena known as software-defined network. The company says the ADARA Sirius SDN Network Virtualization and Virtual Routing solution offers what it calls impenetrable security, which it says is an industry first.

It does so by leveraging “novel secure mechanisms for authentication and encryption of all control information among all ADARA Sirius Network Virtualization and Virtual Routing instances.” This method does not communicate any encryption/decryption information, which lessens the chance that data will be copied, intercepted or otherwise compromised, according to ADARA. Constant randomly variable time increments in operations, with any level of temporal changes, make random or system-assisted attempts to guess information ineffective.

The solution – available as a standalone product or as part of the ADARA Constellation Series – supports dynamic layer 2 and 3 tunneling (pseudo-wire or layer 2 stretching); offers virtualized physical layer functionality and a hypervisor; and includes a new DLSP that is a thousand times faster than the previously available one.

ADARA Networks says it is an industry leader in SDN, virtual computing and networking. SDN is an architecture that separates the control and data planes of the network and automatically looks at flows in the network, understanding the requirements of those different flows and using the network to provide those flows with the appropriate bandwidth and other network resources. This applications-first networking mindset is a significant change from how networks are designed and work today. It takes the traditional siloed approach to networking and effectively lays it on its side.

The company will be represented Monday, Aug. 26 at SDN Precon for ITEXPO, at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. At the event, Sue Hares, vice president of technology and strategy technology at ADARA, will be part of a 3:30 p.m. panel called SDN & Network Visualization. Other speakers on the panel include Steven Shalita, vice president of marketing at NetScout Systems Inc. and Huy Nguyen, senior director of product management at Gigamon.

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