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February 15, 2013

Extreme Networks Intros ExtremeXOS v15.3

Extreme Networks has announced the availability of its ExtremeXOS v15.3, a single modular Operating System built specifically for the data center, campus BYOD and the cloud.

Officials at Extreme said that with the release of ExtremeXOS 15.3, they are delivering on their company’s vision for Software Defined Networking (SDN). This new modular system backs SDN applications from “Big Switch Networks: Big Tap,” providing traffic monitoring and dynamic network visibility with flow filtering, and Big Virtual Switch (BVS), an application for virtualized data center networks that provisions the physical network into multiple logical networks across the stack, from Layer 2 to 7.

ExtremeXOS 15.3 also brings support for AVB (Audio Video Bridging), Identity Management enhancements, XNV Dynamic VLANs and GRE Tunneling enhancements.

 "With our new multi-tenant data center, SDN can streamline switch management and monitor the network using ExtremeXOS," said Pepi Randolph, CEO at Data Holdings, LLC, which is constructing a premier data center facility in Milwaukee using Extreme Networks network solutions. "Achieving this from a centralized standpoint and with an open approach is critical to scaling services and data more efficiently."

In addition, the company has also released a downloadable software module called OpenStack Quantum plugin, to offer a rich API for ExtremeXOS that enables the orchestration and management of multi-tenant networks providing security, load balancing and data center interconnect infrastructure as network services.

"As we bring new OpenFlow and OpenStack features into the market with ExtremeXOS 15.3, customers are equipped to take advantage of the promise of software advancements that extend capabilities and further simplify their networks," said David Ginsburg, CMO for Extreme Networks.

Customers are at an advantage with the release of this new operating system, as they can apply the critical new features and support for SDN technology, including OpenFlow and support for SDN applications from partners such as Big Switch Networks and NEC.

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