SDN Pre-Con


Software-defined network is considered by many to be one of the most important, and potentially disruptive, developments in networking since the rise of the Internet. To date, networks and connectivity have come first, and applications have followed. SDN turns this model on its head, approaching networking from an apps-first standpoint.

In this SDN pre conference at ITEXPO Las Vegas, we will define SDN, look at the technologies and components involved in SDN, the use cases of SDN, the players involved in moving SDN forward, and what this all means for networking as we know it.

SDN Precon will feature presentations on the following educational opportunities:

Analyzing SDN

In this session, we’ll define SDN and discuss what it can do for enterprise and service provider audience members; talk about what companies are planting their flags on the SDN frontier; and assess their various SDN strategies for vendors and users.

The Intersection of App Layer SDN and SDN

In this session, Lori MacVittie, senior technical marketing manager at F5 Networks, will discuss the intersection of app layer SDN and SDN, what challenges each addresses, and how they work together to build a software- defined data center from L2 to L7.


In this session, we’ll discuss the difference between NFV and SDN, who’s doing what with each now, and what it all means to you. Panelists include F5’s Lori MacVittie; Overture’s Chief Technologist Prayson Pate; and Tekelec’s Travis Russell, technologist of strategic marketing.

Network Visualization & SDN

The recent Lippis Report Research Note identifies network visualization as one of the two key applications for SDN. This session will discuss what that means and offer input from some of the leaders in SDN network visualization.

ONF Update

Session summary: In this session, ONF representative Michael McBride offers an update on what’s happening at the Open Networking Foundation, including the latest developments in the group’s work on SDN and security, NFV, L4-7, and optical.

SDN's Impact on Enterprise Services

In this session, Ovum analyst Mike Sapien offers a presentation, based on his recent research, about SDN's potential impact on enterprise services.

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