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SDN's Efficient Resource Allocation on the Verge of Taking Over IT
According to a recent IHS Infonetics report, demand for SDN is growing rapidly. This is evident in the market for SDN Ethernet switches, which was at $718 million in 2014, but expected to increase more than 18-fold to $13 billion in 2019. The ease wi… - 01/14/2016

Cisco Takes Taiwan in Rapid Broadband Deal
Everywhere you look, there is content exploding on the web, in mobile, and on entertainment networks. A lot of it is video, a lot of is in digital photographs, and a lot is based on the social stream that has become a basic part of our modern lives. … - 01/08/2016

Citrix Exec Explains Why Company is Uniquely Positioned for SD-WAN
This year should see the mass-market adoption of SD-WAN, a technology that meets the needs of today's applications by providing large and reliable bandwidth. That was the message Chalan Aras, vice president and general manager of Citrix Systems, conv… - 01/05/2016

Dell'Oro Group Predicts Massive SDN Market Explosion
The Dell'Oro Group has released a report that forecasts the Software Defined Networking (SDN) market to grow by 70 percent this year over 2014. - 11/11/2015

Ericsson, Ethihad Etisalat Mobily Complete Dynamic Service Chaining Test
As part of its broader initiative to explore software-defined network technology to transform its business, Ethihad Etisalat Mobily has recently been working with its long-time partner Ericsson to test dynamic service chaining. The company announced … - 10/20/2015

Back to the Future: The History and Coming Innovations of Subsea Transatlantic Communications
Special guest writer Tomm McMahon of Aqua Comms walks us through the impressive history of subsea communications, and then outlines the major technological leaps this industry will make. - 10/07/2015

Brocade Introduces Flow and Topology Managers
Brocade SDN Controller 2.0 is now available, and it has two new applications: a flow manager and a topology manager. - 09/17/2015

FIU and ONOS Project Connect US, Caribbean, South America with SDN Network
Florida International University (FIU) and the Open Source SDN Network Operating System (ONOS) have announced that they have deployed ONOS and the SDN-IP on networks connecting the U.S. with the Caribbean and South America under the Americas Lighpath… - 08/21/2015

Microsoft Azure and Cavium Collaborate on SAI Routing to Enable SDN
A new partnership has been announced between Cavium and Microsoft Azure, designed to enable SDN and intelligent processing for data center and enterprise networks. - 08/20/2015

Big Switch Launches V3 of Big Cloud Fabric, with a Focus on P+V
Big Switch Networks has launched the third iteration of its Big Cloud Fabric. This release is geared toward the OpenStack environment and addresses physical and virtual environments. - 08/18/2015

InterDigital, University Demo How ICN and SDN Deliver the Best of All Worlds
InterDigital Europe Ltd. and University of Essex researchers have demonstrated what the entities say is the first IP-over-ICN-over-SDN implementation. This breakthrough involved translating an IP flow into an IP-over-ICN abstraction, leveraging SDN s… - 07/31/2015

SDN Market Will Reach $3.52 Billion by 2018
The global SDN market is set to reach $3.52 billion by 2018, driven by a massive uptake in mobility and mobile services as well as the need for increasingly more efficient network infrastructure. The cloud is also playing a role in market growth, as … - 07/29/2015

Packet Design Lands New Patent for Showing Communications Traffic
Packet Design recently landed a new patent in aid of helping users know what's going on in the network, built around a system that accurately displays information about communications traffic on a network. - 07/29/2015

Large Chinese Hospital Taps Avaya Solutions to Expedite New Capabilities
The Second Hospital of Tianjin Medical University is using Avaya's SDN Fx solution to allow for more efficient management of its network and speed the delivery of new medical applications. - 07/28/2015

Brocade Helps CERN openlab Deploy SDN Strategy
A new SDN partnership has been announced, designed to help address some of the long-term challenges of network infrastructure development. Brocade Communications Systems, a longtime provider of networking and cloud computing solutions, will be workin… - 07/27/2015

Microsoft Azure Now Part of the Masergy Cloud Marketplace
Masergy Communications Inc., a global provider of managed networking and cloud services, announced the addition of Microsoft Azure to its Cloud Market place to give its customers a platform that simplifies IT management and minimizes up-front and ong… - 07/23/2015

Netherlands' Deltion College Implements SDN to Better Support Video Services and Lync
Dutch-based Deltion College has undergone a massive network infrastructure renewal based largely on SDN and using technology solutions from HP, Microsoft and Kemp Technologies. As part of its educational structure, the College makes video recordings … - 07/16/2015

New Plexxi Switch Series Uses SDN Methodology to Offer Application-Centric Networking
Plexxi has made a splash in the SDN technology world with the announcement of a new series of switches geared toward cloud service providers. The new Plexxi Switch 2 Series lets service providers easily create efficient networks for delivering applic… - 07/15/2015

Pica8 Allows Dynamic Policy Control on Edge-Core Switches
Switches with PoE help service providers like the telcos cater to small and medium businesses with services like disaster recovery, VoIP, Wi-Fi, and more. And PICOS delivers a solution that provides CrossFlow, Layer 2 and 3, and OVS, so service provi… - 06/24/2015

NoviFlow to Advance SDN Proof of Concept with CENGN
NoviFlow is on the path toward more innovation with the OpenFlow communications protocol that allows it to provide networking switches and software switches to its enterprise customers. The next step in its development comes by way of software-define… - 06/16/2015

NFV & SDN Zone Week in Review: ConteXtream, HP, UBIqube Solutions
There are strong signs that the end of the hardware era in carrier IP telephony will soon be upon us. - 05/30/2015

NFV & SDN Zone Week in Review: iPhotonix, Openet, Telco Systems
The Asia Pacific region and standards were at the epicenter of network functions virtualization and software-defined networking news this week. - 05/23/2015

Asia-Pacific Carrier Picks Telco Systems to Migrate to Carrier Ethernet 2.0
Telco Systems, a provider of SDN, NFV, Carrier Ethernet and MPLS edge networking, has announced a tier-1 carrier in the Asia-Pacific region has chosen the company to migrate to Carrier Ethernet 2.0. - 05/21/2015

OIF Discusses SDN Framework, APIs in New White Paper
Organizations seeking guidance on how to implement software-defined networking in carrier networks can now look to a new whitepaper from the Optical Internetworking Forum. - 05/20/2015

NFV & SDN Zone Week in Review: Cyan, NetCracker, Telstra
Cyan, NetCracker, and Telstra all made announcements this week in the network functions virtualization and/or software-defined networking arena. - 05/16/2015

Cyan Expands Blue Orbit Ecosystem
Ecosystems where various partner companies come together to integrate and validate solutions have made it very important for service providers to become more software-centric. As a result, in recent months we've seen everybody and their brother annou… - 05/13/2015

Telstra Elaborates on SDN Network
Telstra is making the most of its software-defined networking capabilities - and its messaging around them - by releasing and reiterating the details of them in drips and drops. - 05/13/2015

Successful Deployment of Software-defined Peering Router Announced
With software-defined networking (SDN), network owners and operators now have a tool they can use to simplify their operations by gaining control of their infrastructure. A new breakthrough announcement of a successful deployment of an Open Networkin… - 05/11/2015

NFV & SDN Zone Week in Review: Ciena, HP, InterCloud
Ciena's planned $400 million acquisition of Cyan was probably the biggest news of the week in the network functions virtualization and software-defined networking space. This week also saw HP and InterCloud Systems introduce new NFV products, several… - 05/09/2015

SDN Market Revenues to Reach $8 Billion by 2018
The software defined networking (SDN) market is helping to revolutionize the way applications are delivered over networks in the cloud computing era. The market holds a massive amount of promise, and revenue forecasts indicate growth is on a very ste… - 05/07/2015

Orange Silicon Valley Tries Out ConteXtream SDN Fabric
Orange Silicon Valley is testing the ConteXtream software-defined network fabric, the supplier announced this week. - 05/07/2015

Level 3 Launches On-Demand SDN Solution for Azure Users
Level 3 Communications Inc. this week unveiled a new software defined networking-based offering called Adaptive Network Control Solutions. Available via ExpressRoute to Microsoft Azure, the solution provides analytics about and visibility into latenc… - 05/05/2015

NFV & SDN Zone Week in Review: Alcatel-Lucent, NetNumber, Verizon
This week saw Verizon announce its SDN vendors, Infonetics Research come out with a study on cloud-based security services, and NetNumber provide education on how it can help carriers transition to IP services. - 05/02/2015

Cloud-Based Security Services Are on the Rise & NFV and SDN Will Add Further Lift
The global cloud security services market was valued at $7.2 billion last year, an increase of 13.5 percent from 2013, according to Infonetics Research. Going forward, the firm says, carrier adoption of network functions virtualization and software-d… - 05/01/2015

ONF Names MRV's Ganon Chair of Migration Effort
The Open Networking Foundation has named Edna Ganon of MRV Communications as the chair of its Migration project. The project aims to accelerate the adoption of software-defined networking by gathering and validating network operator requirements and … - 04/30/2015

Verizon Names SDN Suppliers
Verizon today revealed that Alcatel-Lucent, Cisco, Ericsson, Juniper Networks, Nokia Networks will help it with its software-defined networking implementation. But that's about all the detail the tier 1 communications services provider offered in ann… - 04/29/2015

NFV & SDN Zone Week in Review: Avaya, Avni, Telstra
There was a flurry of new product releases this week in the NFV and SDN Zone. - 04/25/2015

Avaya Unleashes Ethernet Switch to Address IoT, SDN
Avaya this week introduced a stackable Ethernet switch that it says addresses the trends of the Internet of Things, software-defined networking, and unified wireline and wireless access. The company will be demonstrating the new solution, called the … - 04/23/2015

Telstra Officially Brings Pacnet SDN Network into the Fold
Telstra, which last week closed its acquisition of Pacnet Ltd., yesterday announced its Asian software-defined networking platform is now available to its customers around the world. The platform includes 25 points of presence in eight countries, inc… - 04/23/2015

Avni Unveils Software Defined Cloud 2.0
Avni, a Silicon Valley startup that has two Cisco veterans at its helm, yesterday officially took the wraps off release 2.0 of its Software Defined Cloud, which is already in use by global companies in the financial services, media, and retail vertic… - 04/23/2015

Gigamon Introduces Software Defined Visibility Framework
Gigamon Inc. is promoting a new framework called Software Defined Visibility to make securing the network more dynamic and, thus, able to respond to threats in real time. It does that by providing its customers and partners with a way to automaticall… - 04/21/2015

New Survey Shows Campus LAN SDN Deployments Set to Increase
There's been a lot of buzz around the benefits of software-defined networking (SDN) but the technology trend is really taking root in the enterprise LAN market. New data from Infonetics Research, which is now part of IHS, shows that 72 percent of bus… - 04/20/2015

Notable SDN Upstart Pluribus Releases New Version of Netvisor
A new release of the Pluribus Networks operating system features BGP fabrics and virtual router redundancy protocol for data center scale out and Hadoop, CLI and vManage GUI support, REST APIs, VXLAN tunneling for VM connectivity across backbones, an… - 04/17/2015

Defining SDN: What Is It and Why Should We Care?
We are truly becoming a hyper-connected world with more mobile devices in the world than people, according to a recent study from GSMA. With a slew of different digital channels and devices available, people want to be engaged and have access online … - 04/17/2015

NFV & SDN Zone Week in Review: AT&T, Brocade, ONOS Project
Scalability was a key them in the SDN Zone this week. AT&T expanded its SDN-based Network on Demand services to new markets, and the new release of an operating system called Blackbird focuses on scalability, as does a posting from one of our guest c… - 04/11/2015

SDN Needs Full Understanding Before Middle East Companies Overhaul Outdated Networking Infrastructures
In the last 12 to 18 months, Software Defined Networks (SDN) has been much touted as a data center savior for companies in the Middle East that rely on outdated legacy networking infrastructure - one that can transform the network, unlock critical in… - 04/08/2015

ONOS Blackbird to Improve Measurements of Carrier Grade SDN Control Plane
With operators looking to get an accurate view of the performance and scale-out capabilities of their platform, the challenge of delivering the right metrics has been addressed with the new release of the Open Network Operating System (ONOS) Blackbir… - 04/07/2015

SDDC and SDN Markets Expected to Explode by 2020
A new report published by industry analyst MarketsandMarkets indicates that the Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) and Market By Solution (SDN, SDS) businesses are going to be worth more than $21.78 billion by the end of this year and worth more tha… - 04/06/2015

IBM Opens New Network Innovation Centers to Explore Emerging Virtualization Tech
One of the things IBM is known for is the billions of dollars it spends on R&D annually. This has resulted in the company leading the global patent race for the past 22 consecutive years, resoundingly trouncing the likes of Microsoft, Google, Samsung… - 04/01/2015

NFV & SDN Zone Week in Review: Accedian, Oracle, Orange
This week in network functions virtualization and software-defined networking saw Accedian Networks introduce a new NFV solution, Intel and Oracle collaborate on orchestration, and Orange Business Services ready for an SDN-based SMB self-provisioning… - 03/28/2015

Centec's New Terabit-Level Switch Silicon Offers Lower Power Consumption for Carrier SDN
Centec Networks has come out with a new version of its GoldenGate switching chip that it says addresses software-defined networking and offers 20 percent lower power consumption in a small footprint at half the cost of the dominant alternative silico… - 03/27/2015

Orange Business Services Jumps on the SDN-Based Self-Provisioning Portal Bandwagon
Orange Business Services is launching a software-defined networking pilot test aimed at small and medium businesses. - 03/23/2015

NFV & SDN Zone Week in Review: Cyan, Ethernity, Qosmos
The week in network functions virtualization and software-defined networking saw Orange Business Services launch an SDN pilot test aimed at small and medium businesses, Ethernity Networks demonstrate its solution at an event in Paris, and Qosmos join… - 03/21/2015

Qosmos Joins NEC SDN Partner Space
Qosmos has joined an effort called the NEC SDN Partner Space. - 03/16/2015

Ethernity ACE-NIC Accelerates NFV-Based CPE, EPC Solutions
Ethernity Networks Ltd. is demonstrating its new OpenFlow-enabled hardware acceleration network interface card this week at the 2015 NFV & SDN Summit in Paris. The solution is for use in network functions virtualization-based products such as virtual… - 03/16/2015

Emerging Technologies and New Business Models Hold Key to Channel Success in the Middle East
The Middle East channel is evolving. We are seeing some of the Pan-European distributors coming to the region. We are also seeing some acquisitions taking place, with large distributors from within and outside the region acquiring smaller distributor… - 03/16/2015

Cisco, Microsoft Extend Cloud Integration Effort
The companies this week announced the launch of Cisco Cloud Architecture for the Microsoft Cloud Platform. This solution combines Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure with the Windows Azure Pack. - 03/13/2015

Telco Systems Launches NFV/SDN Ecosystem
There's another vendor NFV/SDN ecosystem on the scene. This one comes courtesy of Telco Systems. - 03/12/2015

Masergy Introduces an SDN-Based Customer Self-Provisioning Portal
Enabling customers to provision their own services seems to be a key first use case for software-defined networking, as Masergy Communications has just introduced this capability, following in the footsteps of similar offerings from AT&T and NTT Comm… - 03/10/2015

Wind River Builds NFV, SDN Partnerships
Wind River, which sells the Wind River Titanium Server software, announced an array of new NFV- and SDN-focused partnerships with leading communications organizations. - 03/03/2015

NFV & SDN Zone Week in Review: ADVA, CENX, Ericsson, NEC
Next week is sure to be a big one for network functions virtualization and software-defined networking, given Mobile World Congress takes place the first week of March. But several suppliers went ahead this week and announced planned demonstrations, … - 02/28/2015

NEC, NetCracker Create New Brand, Business Around NFV/SDN
NEC Corp. and its subsidiary NetCracker Technology have established a new global business brand and structure to address network functions virtualization and software-defined networking - two hot new technologies around which communications service p… - 02/26/2015

CENX, Spirent Demo Orchestration of VoLTE in Virtualized Environment
CENX has partnered with Spirent to demonstration orchestration of voice over LTE services on virtualized network infrastructure. - 02/25/2015

Qosmos Classifier Enables Intelligent and Dynamic Service Chaining for SDN Environments
Software defined networking (SDN) has fundamentally changed the way traffic travels across networks, providing intelligence and efficiencies that are vital in today's cloud computing architectures. Qosmos, a company that specializes in network intell… - 02/19/2015

Ensuring SDN Controller Performance in Real Time Networks
SDN promises many benefits and has been attracting many stakeholders across the communication industry. However, in order for these benefits to be realized, the network has to support certain key capabilities. Validating the extent to which these cap… - 02/17/2015

NFV & SDN Zone Week in Review: Ericsson, PacketFront, Talari
This week in network functions virtualization and software-defined networking brought a cornucopia of news, including a big deal, new product news, and some interesting statements and positioning from vendors in this space indicating the potential fo… - 02/14/2015

APAC Enterprise & Cloud Provider SDN Market Forecast to Reach $1B by 2018
Enterprise and cloud service provider spending on software-defined networking in the Asia Pacific region, excluding Japan, is forecast to surpass $1 billion by 2018, according to new data from IDC. That would be a significant increase from last year,… - 02/12/2015

ONF Hires Full-Time Architect, Expands Efforts
The Open Networking Foundation - a non-profit group that's focused on developing standards and fostering interoperability - has expanded its staff and purview with the hiring of principal system architect Saurav Das; the creation of a new project; an… - 02/11/2015

Talari SD-WAN Gets New Update with Talari APN 4.2
Back in the closing days of 2014, our own Rich Tehrani offered up a list of five tech companies worth knowing about in 2015. Important names like Polycom and Mavatar Technologies made the list, but right at the front of the field was Talari Networks.… - 02/11/2015

NFV & SDN Zone Week in Review: OneAccess, Ericsson, OpenDaylight
Two of the largest emerging regions in the world are China and India. Both countries have been building out their LTE networks, which in turn has led to a lot of development in these areas. Many companies have begun to take an interest and are beginn… - 02/07/2015

OpenDaylight Project Seeks 2015 Summer Interns
Technically-oriented students who are looking for an enriching experience this summer but don't want to have to shower and dress to get it might want to look into the intern program offered by The OpenDaylight Project. The group today announced the a… - 02/05/2015

Ericsson Looking at Three Year Restructuring Project
Ericsson has long been one of the top companies in the world but it is only just recently realized that the future of the company doesn't lie in North America but rather India, China and the EMEA. Technologies like SDN and NFV are becoming bigger and… - 02/03/2015

Radisys Announces Release of TDE-1000 Load Balancer
The latest announcement from Radisys states one of the common problems with data plane applications. It says they must first understand and classify packet flows inside networks and that this often requires deep packet inspection or load balancing ha… - 02/02/2015

NFV & SDN Zone Week in Review: Net Neutrality, Dialogic, Global Capacity
This seems to be the week to discuss net neutrality. Is it possible to continue ensuring service quality amid all the discussions and speculation concerning net neutrality? Global Capacity and Saisei are two companies that feel the way is through ser… - 01/31/2015

ITEXPO 2015 Breakout Session Talks Top Benefits of Service Virtualization
How do you ensure service quality amidst the ongoing topic of net neutrality? According to Mary Stanhope, VP of Marketing and Business Development at Global Capacity and Jeff Paine, VP of Marketing and Business Development at Saisei, it's through ser… - 01/29/2015

NFV & SDN Zone Week in Review: Software Telco Congress, Tektronix, Bell Labs
Network functions virtualization has become a clarion call for carriers, and its call to action is expected to grow stronger in 2015. - 01/24/2015

CenturyLink Provides Quick SDN Update
When we hear about software-defined networking, the names that most commonly come up are AT&T, BT, DT, NTT, and Verizon. But Monroe, La.-based CenturyLink also has been hard at work implementing software-defined networking. - 01/23/2015

NFV & SDN Zone Week in Review: F5 Networks, Mavenir, Software Telco Congress
This week in network functions virtualization and software-defined networking saw Mavenir buy Ulticom, and F5 Networks reveal the findings of its survey on business applications and their relationship to NFV and SDN. Meanwhile, TMC and those interest… - 01/17/2015

F5 Survey Offers Insight into the 'Huge' and Growing Business Application Arena
Businesses are looking for affordability, availability, programmability, and security to support their growing number of applications, and the private cloud and mobility are top of mind as they make decisions on these fronts. That's a key takeaway of… - 01/14/2015

NFV & SDN Week in Review: DigitalRoute, Logicalis, Metaswitch, Sonus
In what may be the biggest SDN-related news of the week, Sonus Networks yesterday announced it has acquired the software-defined networking assets of Treq Labs Inc. for about $10.1 million. - 01/10/2015

InfoVista's Five Step Model Gets Communications Service Providers Ready for SDN and NFV
Two major technologies that have had a lot of impact on the field of communications as we know it are network function virtualization (NFV) and software-defined networking (SDN). While much has been made of how these technologies work, and the kind o… - 01/08/2015

Most IT Professionals Plan to Adopt Software-Defined Solutions
Three in four CIOs expect their organizations to use software-defined solutions, and that is likely to happen for most within the next three years, according to a new survey from Logicalis. - 01/06/2015

NFV & SDN Zone Week in Review: Array Networks, IDC, Infonetics, OPNFV Project
There was a flurry of new this week in the network functions virtualization and software-defined networking arena. That included the introduction of yet another industry consortium addressing NFV, the publication of a new report on the platform marke… - 12/20/2014

Cloud RAN: A Centralized Solution for Mobile Operators Seeking Improved Network Efficiency
The wireless network evolution is defined by users' voracious appetites for increased bandwidth and coverage, marked by the uptick in bandwidth-hungry smartphone applications. This trend is placing significant strain on mobile operators' networks, ma… - 12/19/2014

NFV & SDN Zone Week in Review: Fortinet, InterCloud, Juniper, OneAccess
Network functions virtualization and software-defined networking remained in the white-hot spotlight on the networking stage throughout 2014. That would seem to bode well for NFV and SDN in 2015. But the CMO of OneAccess indicates there's a storm bre… - 12/13/2014

Fortinet Joins HP's Partner Program
Network security outfit Fortinet is the latest addition to HP's AllianceOne Partner program. This new membership sets the stage for Fortinet to provide SDN-optimized security solutions that will be pre-integrated with HP's SDN offerings. - 12/10/2014

Fortinet Joins HP's Partner Program
Network security outfit Fortinet is the latest addition to HP's AllianceOne Partner program. This new membership sets the stage for Fortinet to provide SDN-optimized security solutions that will be pre-integrated with HP's SDN offerings. - 12/09/2014

Choosing Agility over Performance: Networking Strategies for Future Business Needs
The networks in use 10 years ago weren't so different from those we use today, which is surprising given that the performance we expect from them now is exponentially greater than in the past. Whereas the IT manager's greatest challenge was once conn… - 12/08/2014

SDN OS from ON.Lab is Now Available for Download
ONOS is an SDN OS designed for use in service provider networks. Based on a distributed core, it runs on multiple servers. That allows for high availability, performance, and scalability; specifically, ONOS promises 100-millisecond recovery and the a… - 12/08/2014

NFV & SDN Zone Week in Review: Artesyn, DataCore, HP, Intel, JDSU, KEMP, Saisei
Network functions virtualization and software-defined networking continued to gain momentum this week, with new contracts, new partnerships, and new solutions being unveiled. Also this week, a research firm that had earlier cautioned the move to SDN … - 12/06/2014

Infonetics: Carrier Ethernet Spending 'Unprecedented' in Q3 2014
Earlier this year, Infonetics Research talked about how the move to software-defined networks was stalling some investment in carrier router and switch spending. This week the research firm released new analysis on third quarter 2014 carrier spending… - 12/04/2014

Saisei Granular Flow Solution Available at the HP SDN App Store
Saisei's FlowCommand network performance enforcement software is now available through the HP SDN App Store. - 12/04/2014

ADC, Load Balancing Company KEMP Comes Aboard the Intel Ecosystem
The Intel Network Builders Ecosystem continues to expand. The newest member of the pack is load balancer software company KEMP Technologies. - 12/03/2014

Artesyn's Centellis 8840 Amps Up Hardware Support for NFV, SDN
One of the key benefits of moving to new and more software-centric models leveraging network functions virtualization and software-defined networking is to enable network operators to run things on commercial off-the-shelf hardware. But some applicat… - 12/03/2014

NetEnt Picks DataCore for Software-Defined Storage
European gaming giant NetEnt has tapped DataCore to provide it with a software-defined storage solution that will support the company's need for customer data security and its quickly growing business. - 12/02/2014

NFV & SDN Zone Week in Review: Extreme Networks, MEF, Radisys, Vitesse, Wedge
The impending convergence of carrier Ethernet with network functions virtualization, software-defined networking, and some new thing called lifecycle service orchestration will create what Metro Ethernet Focus President Nan Chen this week was promoti… - 11/22/2014

Vitesse CTO: SDN to Control Carrier Ethernet Services
Network functions virtualization and software-defined networking will be linchpins of communications networks in the long term, and will tie in with already widespread carrier Ethernet services and the quickly growing Internet of Things, according to… - 11/21/2014

Extreme Expands Portfolio, Adds Partners
Extreme Networks also has welcomed three new members to its Technology Solution Partner Program. That includes A10 Networks, which has a solution that optimizes north-south traffic flow in global data center interconnect environments; NetOptics IXIA,… - 11/17/2014

NFV & SDN Zone Week in Review: Corsa, Dell'Oro, Juniper
Things just keep getting more interesting for the routing and switch vendors as they continue their moves to capture market share in the new software-centric, virtualized world. That seems to be especially accurate for Brocade, HP, and Juniper Networ… - 11/15/2014

Arkin Net Comes Out of Stealth Mode, Tells SDN Network Visibility Story
We're hearing a lot about networking visibility and software-defined networking lately. Arkin Net is a startup, which recently came out of stealth mode that checks both boxes. - 11/14/2014

Demo Shows Potential of SDN-BGP to Connect SDN Islands Anywhere in the World
A threesome of organizations - Corsa Technology, Energy Sciences Network, and REANNZ - today promoted the fact that they have successfully demonstrated what they say is the first international SDN-only IP transit network of three autonomous systems m… - 11/13/2014

WebNMS Supports Unified Carrier Ethernet, MPLS Orchestration
WebNMS, the telecom software division of Zoho Corp., today announced the availability of carrier Ethernet and MPLS support on its orchestration platform, which allows service providers to automate and unify their network operations. - 11/12/2014

Comings & Goings: New CEO Selected for Juniper Networks
Shaygan Kheradpir is a business and technology executive, who until the beginning of this week, was the CEO of Juniper Networks, Inc. In November 2013 he was selected as the outside executive who was considered to have values that aligned very tightl… - 11/11/2014

New Report Delves into the World of Carrier NFV, SDN
New research from offers a lay of the network functions virtualization and software-defined networking land - providing details on infrastructure provider and telco strategies on this front, an examination of key ecosystems, and a… - 11/11/2014

Future-proofing the Corporate Data Center
Technology trends such as big data, cloud and pervasive mobility are transforming the way we live and work, and having a dramatic impact on businesses and consumers. The benefits from these trends are varied and wide-ranging, but they all have a comm… - 11/11/2014

Internet2 Deploys SDN Slicing, Offering Alternative to VPNs
SDN slicing has moved beyond initial enterprise, data center and campus-wide deployments and is now being implemented on a few service provider backbone networks, as a recent announcement from Internet2 illustrates. The organization, which operates a… - 11/10/2014

NFV & SDN Zone Week in Review: Brocade, Juniper, Midokura
It was a busy and exciting week in the world of network functions virtualization and software-defined networking, populated with news that included yet another move by Brocade to poach engineering talent from its rivals, and an open source challenge … - 11/08/2014

CohesiveFT Rolls Out New Management Tool for Virtual Environments
CohesiveFT, which provides a range of products and services to help enterprises use virtual and cloud computing, is unveiling a new addition to its VNS line with the introduction of VNS3:ms - a management system that presents addresses, routes, rules… - 11/07/2014

OpenDaylight Project Gets Three New Members
The OpenDaylight Project continues its forward momentum, today announcing that Compass-EOS, Intracom Telecom, and Transmode have come aboard as members. - 11/06/2014

75 Percent of IP Data Center Traffic Exchanged Within the Building
Although the amount of global traffic crossing the Internet and IP WAN networks is projected to reach 1.6 ZB per year, by 2018, the amount of annual global data center traffic in 2013 is already estimated to be 3.1 ZB, and by 2018, will triple to rea… - 11/06/2014

The Role of Network Performance Enforcement in Scaling SDN and NFV
Network analytics has become a mainstream requirement for companies of any size. We simply can't afford any longer to not understand the usage patterns, applications, users, locations and hosts appearing on our networks and the quality of experience … - 11/05/2014

Open Networking Lab Open Sources SDN OS for Service Providers
A non-profit called the Open Networking Lab (ON.Lab) today announced plans to open source a software-defined networking operating system targeted at service providers like AT&T and NTT Communications. - 11/04/2014

Midokura Open Sources MidoNet, Challenging Juniper
The networking part of the OpenStack ecosystem remains fragmented and needs someone to step up and bring things together, according to Midokura. So the four-year-old network virtualization company is open sourcing its MidoNet technology. - 11/03/2014

SDN Zone Week in Review: Big Switch Unveils SDN Kit; Meru Applies SDN to Lync, Wi-Fi; VSS Talks Visibility
Microsoft's Lync telephony and UC solution is one of the hottest products in enterprise communications today, as is Wi-Fi. This week saw Meru Networks address both of the above as part of its software-defined networking strategy. The week in SDN also… - 11/01/2014

Meru Introduces SDN Management Dashboard, Apps, and App Store
Taking its second major step down the software-defined networking path, Meru Networks today unveiled an application provisioning and management dashboard called Meru Center, and the Meru App Store, along with the first two apps available from it. All… - 10/29/2014

Not All Colocation Services Are Created Equal
Colocation has come to mean a lot of things over the years, traditionally signifying off-site data storage, typically in a data center. Often provided as a standardized service, colocation usually meant an organization's data was safely backed up in … - 10/27/2014

VSS Monitoring Helps Enterprises Scale, Maintain Visibility with the Optimizer 2400
That's important given that 23 percent of organizations experience serious, service impacting problems every day; 50 percent experience problems monthly; and 44 percent of companies don't know they are being hacked at any given moment due to data ove… - 10/27/2014

NFV & SDN Zone Week in Review: More Product Launches & German Transportation Firm Taps IBM
Suppliers can introduce an array of new products and partnerships, but things really get interesting is when clients put those solutions into action, so we'll start there with our NFV & SDN Zone Week in Review this week. - 10/25/2014

IBM to Solve Big Data Challenges of Stuttgart Public Transportation System
Even though IBM spends more than $6 billion annually on R&D, it missed the boat in evaluating the potential of cloud technology, which many believe is responsible for 10 straight quarters of revenue declines for the company. As it liquidates differen… - 10/23/2014

CPLANE Makes Available SDN Software for Connecting Apps across Data Centers
CPLANE Networks this week commercially launched its Dynamic Virtual Networks Interconnect product for wide area networks. - 10/23/2014

NFV & SDN Zone Week in Review: New Solutions, More Proof Points Reinforce the Potential for Widespread Adoption of These Technologies
The hits just keep coming for network functions virtualization and software-defined networking. And I mean that in a good way. - 10/18/2014

SDN Becoming Popular Option
Twenty-nine percent of the companies that responded to a recent Infonetics Research survey said they are or expect to leverage software-defined networking in their backhaul networks. Another 63 percent said they are considering doing so. - 10/16/2014

MRV, Allot, Orange Demo Application-Aware CPE Solution
MRV, provider of packet and optical solutions, and Allot, a supplier of service optimization and revenue generation for mobile providers, have announced that they are teaming up with Orange to demonstrate an SDN-enabled application-aware Customer Pre… - 10/16/2014

Coriant Announces New Solution Packaged Dubbed Coriant Transcend
Coriant has long been a supplier of SDN-enabled end-to-end transport solutions. Earlier this week, the firm solidified its standing by announcing the very first Software Defined Networking (SDN) solution portfolio. The Coriant Transcend SDN Solution … - 10/16/2014

ADVA Partners with BT, Metaswitch on SDN Demos
ADVA Optical Networking is collaborating with BT and Metaswitch Networks to demonstrate the benefits of software-defined networking. - 10/14/2014

Telco Systems Unveils 10GE Platform for Virtualized IT Services
Just a couple weeks after announcing an SDN operating system for carriers that natively supports OpenFlow, Telco Systems is introducing a 10GE platform for virtualized IT services. - 10/14/2014

Anuta Networks Helps Businesses with Network Operations
Anuta Networks is a software-defined networking company, providing an important offering to many companies. - 10/13/2014

Pica8 Employs Broadcom's Trident II
Pica8 Inc. is the first network OS to support L2oGRE, L3oGRE and NVGRE overlay methods, all of which are available in the Trident II chipset it is leveraging. Trident II also enables Pica8 to mimic memory allocation schemes so Linux-based systems can… - 10/13/2014

Televorgu Selects ADVA 100G Core and FSP 3000
Televõrgu AS, a telecommunications company with an energy background, has recently installed ADVA 100G Core to connect Northern and Eastern European countries to Central Europe via the Baltic States and Poland. - 10/09/2014

EMC Delivers Virtualized Data Center
EMC Corp. and partners now offer a virtualized data center they call the Federation Software-Defined Data Center Solution. The aim of the solution, the first in five to come from the group, is to put all the functionality of a data center into softwa… - 10/09/2014

Big Switch Gets OSF's OpenStack Certification
Big Switch Networks is now officially OpenStack-compliant, a designation that analysts such as Forrester Research believe will soon become table stakes for SDN vendors. - 10/09/2014

Cyan SDN Platform Brings Cisco, Juniper Gear into the Fold
Cyan recently built a template and modeling technique so it can quickly and easily build new element adapters for Blue Planet, and now it's leveraging that to enable the software-defined networking solution to support gear from Cisco Systems and Juni… - 10/08/2014

NetNumber Joins Intel Network Builders Program
NetNumber is now a member of the Intel Network Builders program, which aims to help create an environment that encourages further adoption of network functions virtualization and software-defined networking solutions. More specifically, the Intel Net… - 10/07/2014

SDN Upstart Pica8 Embraces ONIE, Gets New Funding
In a move to make it easy for customers to integrate its operating system on the bare metal switches of their liking, Pica8 now supports the Open Network Install Environment recently accepted by the Open Compute Project Foundation. - 10/06/2014

Allot Communications Demos Virtualized Traffic Detection Function
Some of the world's large wireless communications infrastructure providers, such as Alcatel-Lucent, Ericsson, and NEC, have recently announced virtualized versions of their Evolved Packet Core solutions, some of which are now in carrier trials and a … - 10/06/2014

Polatis DirectLight Optical Switches to be Deployed Across Aurora2
Polatis, a company that provides all-optical matrix switches, recently announced that its DirectLight optical switches will be deployed across Aurora2, a new U.K. National Dark Fibre Infrastructure Service (NDFIS), funded by U.K. Engineering and Phys… - 10/06/2014

Webtext Partners with Cisco to Integrate SMS Text Messaging with UCCX/UCCE
Many customers prefer text to voice or email when they make an inquiry, place an order or fix an appointment. WEBTEXT, a provider of cloud messaging service, has been bringing the power of SMS text messaging to enterprise contact center. - 10/06/2014

NFV & SDN Zone Week in Review: Cisco, Compass-EOS, Many Others Unveil New Offerings
Product introductions are coming fast and furious in a NFV and SDN realms as of late. - 10/04/2014

Juniper's Contrail Selected by TCP cloud
Juniper Networks, a company involved in network innovation, recently announced that its Contrail controller for software-defined networking (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV) has been selected by TCP cloud, a provider of cloud computing … - 10/03/2014

Red Hat Ups Its Software-Defined Storage Game
Red Hat today releases version 3 of its software-defined storage solution. Called Red Hat Storage 3, the offering is able to support multiple petabytes of data, which is more than three times that of the previous iteration. It works on up to 60 drive… - 10/03/2014

Radware Introduces OpenDaylight Helium Version of Defense4All
The OpenDaylight Project earlier this week launched the second iteration of its open source SDN software, called Helium. Today Radware announced Defense4All, an application that provides denial or service and DDoS protection as a native network servi… - 10/02/2014

Compass-EOS Unveils SDN Forwarding Plane
Compass-EOS today took the wraps off something called the SDN Forwarding Plane, which it's positioning as a lower-cost alternative to routers for service providers. The solution leverages the company's previously announced icPhotonics chip, which als… - 10/01/2014

Logicalis Explains Benefits of the Software-Defined Data Center
Research and consulting firm IDC, in a report published in April, said Logicalis stands to benefit from software-defined networking. Today, Logicalis explained how its customers stand to benefit from the software-defined data center. - 10/01/2014

Telco Systems Launches OpenFlow SDN-based OS
Telco Systems in March sent out the alert that it's shifting its focus to better align with what's happening on the network functions virtualization and software-defined networking front. Today, the company followed up on that by releasing an SDN ope… - 09/30/2014

Big Switch Ships Big Cloud Fabric, Goes Big in Japan
Big Switch Networks today shipped the first orders of Big Cloud Fabric and revealed its plans for expansion in Japan. - 09/30/2014

Cisco Adds Cloud VPN and Security Services to Evolved Services Platform for Service Provider
Features of the new security solution include nonstop, real-time monitoring for preventing malware, attacks and worms. The service supports event management through advanced monitoring as well as identification, alerts and issue mitigation and the ab… - 09/30/2014

OpenDaylight Project Releases Helium - Stage Two of Open Source SDN Effort
Software-defined networking open source group OpenDaylight Project today made its second open source software release - called Helium - available for download. - 09/29/2014

Radisys Introduces New Platforms to Improve SDN and NFV Deployments
As more consumers and organizations continue to migrate to the cloud, the CapEx and OpEx for data centers are getting higher. Center operators are doing all they can to improve the efficiency across the board and save money wherever they can. This in… - 09/29/2014

NFV & SDN Zone Week in Review: AT&T, Other Service Providers Move Forward with SDN
The biggest news on the SDN frontier in the past few days is AT&T's pronouncement that it will go commercial with its Network On Demand SDN solution starting this year. - 09/27/2014

Carriers Embrace NFV, SDN for Network Agility, Ammo to Address OTT Threat
Carriers are scrambling as they see over-the-top services such as Skype and WhatsApp eating into their revenues. Indeed, OTT players have captured 30 percent of voice traffic in seven years, and now service provider voice growth is around 3 percent p… - 09/26/2014

Saisei Spreads Its Message of Full Link Utilization
Saisei, a two-year-old company that until recently consisted solely of a group of engineers and founders, is now trumpeting its value proposition. And Jeff Paine, the company's new vice president of marketing and Cisco's first-ever marketing person, … - 09/24/2014

Citrix Reinventing the Workplace with Software-Defined Everything
Citrix, one of the world's leaders in mobile workspace services, made the announcement earlier this week that the company would be shifting strategies and empowering mobile businesses everywhere by focusing on software-defined workplace solutions. Ci… - 09/23/2014

vXchnge Uses a Software-Defined Localized Approach to Delivering Colocation Services
Software-defined networking (SDN) and software-defined data centers (SDDCs) are steadily gaining traction in the storage and colocation services markets. The software-defined approach means all elements of data center infrastructure are virtualized, … - 09/22/2014

Telecom Announces On-demand Software-Defined Networking System
A pilot program for Network on Demand has been operating at the University of Texas at Austin since June. By the end of this year, AT&T says, it will be rolling out the service for companies within Austin, and it intends to follow up that rollout wit… - 09/22/2014

Non-profit Develops SDN Professional Program
The Foundation says it will continue to update the overall program as the ecosystem of the networking field changes. It says it will use independent learning and training programs to inform its exam blueprints that it will publish as open standards f… - 09/22/2014

Brocade Unveils OpenDaylight-based SDN Controller
Adding a new chapter to its software-defined networking story, Brocade today unveiled an SDN controller based on the work of the OpenDaylight Project open source project. - 09/22/2014

NFV & SDN Zone Week in Review: Brocade Buys Vistapointe, NTT Powers Honda Network
This week NFV and SDN saw Brocade purchase Vistapointe, Honda Motor Co. tap NTT, and Telefonica reveal an R&D effort with Cisco. Here's a quick rundown of some of the details. - 09/20/2014

OIF and ONF Announce Participants in Transport SDN Interoperability Demonstration
The old saying that, "seeing is believing," is extremely pertinent when it comes to understanding the vitality and validity of technology capabilities that many would characterize as being very much in hype stages of development. This has particularl… - 09/19/2014

Instart Logic Introduces Performance Upgrade Program for Akamai Customers
Instart Logic, provider of a cloud-based service for web publishers that dramatically improves Web user experience even over mobile and Wi-Fi networks, has recently announced a new $100 million Performance Upgrade Program for Akamai Customers. - 09/18/2014

Telefonica is Also Working with Cisco on SDN, Converged IP and Optical Networks
Cisco and Telefonica will be working together at the carrier's R&D facilities in Spain to test multivendor interoperability and various use cases of solutions involving the combination of converged IP, optical networks, and software-defined networkin… - 09/17/2014

Enterprise PBXs Get Mobile Phones Through Range Networks
Range Networks Inc. is a U.S. company founded in 2011. The company provides open-source software products which are used to operate cellular networks. Range Networks is the creator of the OpenBTS software project. The OpenBTS Project is an open sourc… - 09/15/2014

Honda Increases its Global Supply Network with NTT Enterprise Cloud Service
The NTT enterprise cloud platform delivered a virtualized environment that standardized existing systems and reduced the time and cost to deploy new systems, which resulted in the increase of large data transfer speeds for Honda while at the same tim… - 09/15/2014

Week in Review: Nokia, Radisys Help Keep NFV, SDN Momentum Going
The service provider market is also embracing network functions virtualization and SDN in a real way, as noted last month by Infonetics. Up to three quarters of the operators participating in the recent Infonetics routing study expressed plans to mov… - 09/13/2014

Software Driving Cellular Improvements
If last week's buzz out of IFA was "new mobile hardware," the word this week at CTIA has to be software, software, software. More specifically, software leveraging the increasing power of smartphones to simplify devices and improve network performanc… - 09/09/2014

SDN Zone Week in Review: Brocade Powers Singapore Network; F5 Expands BIG-IP
The week in SDN was marked by new product releases by at least a couple companies in this space. - 09/06/2014

F5 Enhances BIG-IP Performance, Security
F5 Networks has released version 11.6 of its BIG-IP solution. With this release, the company offers enhanced performance and security. - 09/03/2014

Real Status' Hyperglance Addresses Today's Heterogeneous Network Environments
Today's networks tend to bring together a combination of infrastructure, protocols, technologies, and tools. So it can be a challenge to get a handle on what's happening, and how to locate and address actual and potential problem spots. - 09/03/2014

NTT Continues Path of U.S. Expansion
That would seem to include NTT Communications Corp.'s October 2013 $350 million investment for an 80 percent stake in RagingWire Data Centers. That deal, NTT Com disclosed, more than doubled NTT Com's data center space in the U.S. - 09/03/2014

Brocade Powers Singapore Research and Education Network Upgrade
Singapore Advanced Research and Education Network has formally introduced its new 100gpbs network, which includes a dual fiber optic ring that can support multiple 100gigabit Ethernet links. Today this network connects Singapore's key research and ed… - 09/02/2014

Week in Review: VMware, Partners Tell their Software-Defined Stories
In a keynote Tuesday, VMware CTO Ben Fathi talked about how software-defined architectures can be deployed. Businesses are stuck in siloes, they want to cloud-enable existing applications, to allow developers to quickly introduce new capabilities, an… - 08/30/2014

Active Broadband Networks Introduces SDN-based Broadband Gateway
The new Software-Defined Broadband Network Gateway from Active Broadband Networks promises to "dramatically reduce" the cost and complexity of broadband service delivery. - 08/28/2014

VMware's EVO:RAIL to Simplify Software-Defined IT Infrastructure Deployment
The sheer volume of data being created today demands smarter networks and data centers in order to manage the traffic effectively, so the end user can watch their six-second vine without any hiccups. - 08/28/2014

Brocade Extends Effort to Promote Solid State Storage and the Software-Defined Data Center
Brocade has expanded its Solid State Ready program to also address Ethernet fabrics, solutions testing, and market development investments related to awareness activities, education, marketing, and technical and sales support, the company announced t… - 08/26/2014

HP and VMware Partner on Networking Solution for SDDC and Hybrid Cloud Deployments
Hybrid cloud adoption and the software-defined data center (SDDC) are at the center of an expanded partnership between HP and VMware. The companies, which have been longtime proponents of hybrid cloud solutions and OpenStack, are working together to … - 08/26/2014

Gigamon, VMware Provide a Holistic Data Center Outlook
Gigamon continues to move forward with its work related to visibility for VMware NSX and software-defined data centers, the company said today at an industry event in San Francisco. And 451 Research analyst Christian Renaud says that Gigamon is the f… - 08/26/2014

Five Critical Steps for Ensuring Security Policy Protection in Private and Hybrid Clouds
Fundamental shifts in data center architecture, specifically virtual networking, have resulted in a highly dynamic and agile infrastructure that is exposing weaknesses in legacy perimeter-based network controls and leaving applications vulnerable to … - 08/25/2014

SDN Zone Week in Review
It was another week of new forecasts, funding, interoperability efforts, and product introductions on the software-defined networking front. - 08/23/2014

IDC: SDN Positioned for 89.4 Percent CAGR Between Now and 2018
Products and services on the software-defined networking front have already seen a very respectable uptake, and they are poised to realize a compound annual growth rate of 89.4 percent between now and 2018. - 08/22/2014

GuardiCore Raise $11 Million to Protect Software-Defined Data Centers
When the Wall Street Journal asked several tech industry experts, what is the number one technology issue facing companies today, the president and CEO of Siemens USA, Eric Spiegel pointed out security. He said, "There is no silver bullet or one prod… - 08/20/2014

ZNYX Introduces Cost-Effective OpenFlow Switch
A new product called the ZX1200-SDN top-of-rack OpenFlow switch can accommodate a significantly larger volume of custom OpenFlow flow rules than standard hardware solutions at a far more cost-effective price, according to its maker, ZNYX Networks. - 08/19/2014

New IDC Forecast Sees a Global Increase in Communications Processor Revenues
Communication processors are processors optimized specifically to support communication systems. Based on the system, whether it is wired or wireless, they exist in a wide variety of forms on the physical layer, the medium, access, control layer, or … - 08/15/2014

Cloud Provider to Test Software-Defined Network Technology
As businesses around the world move their operations to the cloud, so too will operating system manufacturers. Cloud-based deployments can allow organizations to create their own private clouds or join public clouds, but software and network protocol… - 08/15/2014

OpenDaylight Means Opening SDN and NFV for Business
As ITEXPO came to a close in Las Vegas this week, it seemed like a good idea to pick up on what I saw at the start of the show as a powerful theme that is sweeping virtually (literally and figuratively) almost every aspect of ICT as we move to an inc… - 08/15/2014

Three Best Practices for Building a Network DevOps for SDN, NFV
Software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV) require service providers to rethink the notion of network engineering. Traditional network engineering processes are a bit stiff while SDN and NFV call for a more agile for… - 08/13/2014

One Company's View for the Future of the Data Center
Today's data centers are expanding, with rapid growth driving a transformation in network infrastructure that includes more equipment and switches. That is a model, however, that M.H. Raza-CEO of a startup currently in "stealth mode" called Fiber Mou… - 08/12/2014

SDN Zone Week in Review
In the week leading up to Software Telco Congress, it was another week of partnerships and new programs for the software-defined networking space. - 08/09/2014

Data Security Company to Support Transparent Data Encryption
According to its official news release, Porticor will now support Microsoft SQL Server Transparent Data Encryption within its Virtual Private Data system. - 08/08/2014

Pluribus Launches SDN-Related Channel Program
In yet another sign that software-defined networking is becoming more widespread, Pluribus Networks this week unveiled a channel partner program. - 08/06/2014

CPLANE, KnowISys Come Together for OpenStack Solutions
OpenStack solutions are the focus of a new partnership by CPLANE NETWORKS Corp. and KnowÏSys, Inc. - 08/06/2014

An Update on the OIF's SDN Activities
Everybody wants a piece of the superhot software-defined networking pie, and the Optical Internetworking Forum is no exception. OIF stated as much in a press release issued a year ago May. And the group - which includes such major service providers a… - 08/05/2014

GENBAND Expands NFV Efforts by Joining Intel Ecosystem
GENBAND has come aboard the Intel Network Builders program, an effort to help network functions virtualization and software-defined networking continue to move forward. - 08/05/2014

Enterprises Embrace SDN Like They Embraced Cloud: Deliberately
More than half of 400 U.S. information technology executives in education, financial services, government and healthcare industries say they plan to adopt software defined networking, while the other half (48 percent) say they still have no plans to … - 08/04/2014

Procera Introduces Customer Experience Assurance Solution for Mobile Carriers
A new software-as-a-service solution from Procera Networks Inc. gives mobile network operators real-time location and radio access network information that can enable them to enhance their subscribers' broadband experiences. - 08/04/2014

SDN Zone Week in Review
If you want to learn more about software-defined networking (and you're reading this so you probably do), we hope to see you the week after next at Software Telco Congress in Las Vegas. If you're not already registered, you can do so at this link. - 08/02/2014

Juniper Releases SDN Implementation Plan Survey Results
When it comes to software-defined network implementations, you can look at the opportunity in terms of the glass being half empty or half full. That's the general assessment Juniper Networks, which today released an SDN progress report based on a sur… - 07/31/2014

Cavium Buys SDN Specialist Xpliant
Semiconductor company, Cavium, Inc., yesterday revealed its plans to acquire switch silicon outfit Xpliant Inc. for $90 million. The move is aimed at helping forward Cavium's efforts relating to the software-defined network and addressing the growing… - 07/31/2014

Ubiquiti Unveils Enterprise Video Surveillance Solution
The new UniFi Video line of surveillance cameras and related control software from Ubiquiti Networks offer advanced recording capabilities, live feed and view for multiple cameras, protection for outdoor use, 3x zoom, and more. - 07/30/2014

Cloudwatt Deploys OpenContrail from Juniper Networks
Looking to protect its cloud deployments and ensure data integrity, Cloudwatt has deployed OpenContrail from Juniper Networks. As the name suggests, OpenContrail is an open source project started by Juniper Networks in September 2013. - 07/29/2014

Cortina Systems and Oliver Solutions Successfully Completes DPOE Interoperability Tests for 10G-EPON
Cortina Systems, Inc. (Cortina), together with Oliver Solutions, recently demonstrated DPOE interoperability for 10G-EPON. This enables multiple system operators to deploy PON-based services with existing DOCSIS provisioning backend and processes. - 07/29/2014

SDN Will be Big in Data Centers by 2016
An Infonetics Research survey of 101 purchase-decision makers at medium and large North American organizations that are now implementing or planning to evaluate software-defined networks by the end of 2015 indicates that 87 percent expect to have SDN… - 07/28/2014

SDN Zone Week in Review
This week in software-defined networking saw Big Switch introduce new products and a new partnership, and another startup garner additional funding, while a new Cisco blog got folks talking about the timing of a new SDN offering from the equipment gi… - 07/26/2014

Australasia Alliance Forms Around SDN
A group of university representatives, the National Science Agency, and a handful of companies have come together in Australia and New Zealand to encourage the forward-movement of software-defined networking. The companies involved include Google, In… - 07/25/2014

Allied Telesis Predicts that Software Defined Networking will Define the Future of Business
Global provider of secure IP and Ethernet switching solutions Allied Telesis has recently announced that the rising trend of Software Defined Networking (SDN) solutions in data centers will continue to gain momentum, but only after applications that … - 07/25/2014

Big Switch Networks Announces Strategic Partnership with In-Q-Tel
Big Switch Networks, a major player in providing hyperscale networking solutions for all data center users, recently signed a partnership agreement with In-Q-Tel. - 07/24/2014

Cisco's APIC EM Controller Provides it a Presence in SDN
While the software-defined networking (SDN) concept is making some huge strides, there are two points in this growing market that are proving less of a surprise: one, that there are more and more firms interested in getting in on the action and two, … - 07/24/2014

Telecom Capex Responds to the Cloud, Connected Everything
GlobeNet, an international wholesale provider of Latin American data network services, has taken to the television airwaves to discuss the drivers and requirements behind the need for more capex-specifically, a rise in connected devices and the cloud… - 07/24/2014

Wheelings & Dealings: Software-Defined Operations Firm Garners $10B in Round B
A company called Intigua, which is levering software-defined technology to deliver systems management as a service, today revealed it has raised $10 million in additional funding. - 07/24/2014

ODCA Unveils New Version of Its SDN Usage Model
An industry group called the Open Data Center Alliance, which is focused on interoperable and open enterprise cloud solutions, today published version 2.0 of its software-defined networking master usage model. - 07/23/2014

Meru, NEC Partner on SDN Enterprise Effort
NEC Corporation of America and Meru Networks - two of the three vendors on the planet who have received Open Networking Foundation OpenFlow conformance on their products -are collaborating to create unified wired and wireless enterprise access networ… - 07/23/2014

Big Switch Unveils Bare Metal SDN Solution for the Data Center
Software-defined networking upstart Big Switch Networks today took the wraps off a new offering, called Big Cloud Fabric, and came out with release 4.0 of its Big Tap 4.0 solution. - 07/22/2014

EXFO Unveils New BrixNGN Infrastructure Performance Suite
Wireless telecommunications provider, EXFO Inc., recently launched its new BrixNGN Infrastructure Performance Suite. - 07/21/2014

SDN Zone Week in Review
The week in software-defined networking saw a new study released, some companies in the SDN space receiving recognition from industry analysts, and more education on the potential benefits of network functions virtualization and SDN. - 07/18/2014

OneAccess Lays Out NFV, SDN Benefits and Challenges
A recent blog by OneAccess Chief Marketing Officer Pravin Mirchandani lays out the challenging environment in which communications service providers exist today, and how network functions virtualization and software-defined networking offer them the … - 07/18/2014

New Study Forecasts Timelines for Carrier SDN Implementations
Software-defined networking represents a substantial opportunity for carriers by 2019, especially for those focused on network functions virtualization, according to a new ReportsnReports study. - 07/16/2014

Pacnet Recognized by Gartner for Broad Coverage Portfolio
Asia-Pacific managed data service provider, Pacnet, has received top marks from Gartner for the services it offers. - 07/16/2014

Frost & Sullivan Recognize NEC for Integration of SDN
The increased traffic brought on by smart mobile devices, wireless broadband, and content providers is pressuring networks to find new solutions to improve capacity and operations. This has led researchers to make the networks smarter so the current … - 07/16/2014

SDN Zone Week in Review
An April SDN Zone headline suggests readers can "Become the Next Google or Facebook with SDN". Now Facebook is revealing more specifics about its strategy on this front with the introduction of Wedge and FBOSS. - 07/05/2014

SDN Zone Week in Review
Software Telco Congress - The NFV Event is just a few short weeks away. Make your plans to join us there before you take off for the weekend. Here's a link where you can get more information on the gathering, which will run from Aug. 11-14 at The Rio… - 06/28/2014

Glue Networks Chosen by MWH Global for SDWAN Across Six Continents
Technology and globalization has allowed businesses of all sizes to expand their market and seek opportunities in all regions around the world, which in the past were only available to large enterprises. The Internet, global shipping and electronic b… - 06/26/2014

SDN Gets More Extreme
Extreme Networks today unveiled a software-defined networking platform that it says promotes community-led innovation and enables customers to migrate their existing networks to SDN without great expensive and difficulty. And the company and its part… - 06/24/2014

SDN and NFV Dominate Big Telecom Event
Although people sometimes use software defined networking and network function virtualization in the same breath, these are actually two separate but interrelated concepts. SDN pulls the control plane out of network devices, enabling more centralized… - 06/23/2014

SDN Zone Week in Review
This week saw more contract awards, new product introductions, and partnerships in the SDN Zone. Below is a snapshot of this recent action in the NFV and SDN arenas. - 06/21/2014

Juniper Announces Telecom Italia is Trialing its NFV/SDN Solution
Telecom Italia has tapped Juniper Networks to supply its MX Series 3D Universal Edge Routers for use at the carrier's service points of presence. The deployment also involves the service provider trying out the vendor's Contrail SDN and NFV controlle… - 06/19/2014

Telco Systems Details Its NFV, SDN Strategy
Telco Systems is expanding its portfolio, and moving into network functions virtualization and software-defined networking, with the introduction of CloudMetro distributed NFV demarcation and aggregation products, TelcoApps software network applicati… - 06/18/2014

Huawei Offers NFV, SDN Status Update
Huawei, which Current Analysis rates as a top network functions virtualization and software-based networking supplier, this week is offering an update on its NFV and SDN activities. - 06/17/2014

Omnitron, WebNMS Join for SDN-Enabled Ethernet Automation
Omnitron Systems and WebNMS have joined forces to deliver solutions that can do dynamic provisioning and operation by leveraging software-defined networking orchestration. The joint solution involves Omnitron's iConverter GM4 Network Interface Device… - 06/17/2014

SDN Can Do for Enterprise Networking What the Smartphone Did for Apps
Enterprises stand to benefit from software-defined networking, despite commentary to the contrary from major equipment vendors. But the value proposition here - which is more akin to what's happened with smartphone apps - is different than it is for … - 06/16/2014

KEMP SDN Adaptive Load Balancing to Improve Application Deployment
Networking technology is facing extraordinary challenges as more consumers use mobile devices and faster wireless infrastructure with 4G and LTE. This is creating massive amounts of data which is straining traditional network management solutions. Th… - 06/16/2014

SDN Zone Week in Review
Demonstrations, education, and partnerships continue at a rapid clip in the world of network functions virtualization and software-defined networking. - 06/14/2014

Fortinet, Certes Join Blue Orbit SDN & NFV Ecosystem
Certes, a provider of multiple-layer encryption solutions for networks, and Fortinet, a high-performance network security company, have joined Blue Orbit. - 06/13/2014

COMLINK Chooses ECI Telecom to Power Broadband Services Network
ECI Telecom Ltd is a company that was founded as the Electronics Corporation of Israel in 1961 for the purpose of manufacturing advanced electronic equipment. It has since become a telecommunication networking product provider headquartered in Petah … - 06/11/2014

SDN and NFV Will Greatly Impact Security Investment
Software-defined networking (SDN) and Network Functions Visualization (NFV) will drive changes in data security investment, according to a new report from Infonetics Research. - 06/11/2014

Pica8 Open Networking SDN Solutions Successfully Tested from Paris to Beijing
Whether it is in the nation which boasts the Eifel Tower, France, or that which is home to the Great Wall, China, Pica8 has taken part in two recent Software Defined Networking (SDN) interoperability tests. - 06/09/2014

SDN Zone Week in Review
This week saw at least a couple software-defined networking companies unveil new solutions, three new members join the OpenDaylight Project, several companies stage SDN-related demonstrations at TM Forum in France, and a leading consulting and resear… - 06/06/2014

CPLANE's Dynamic Virtual Networks Takes Flight
Dynamic Virtual Networks, a solution that transforms physical network elements into virtualized resource pools that can be allocated on demand, is now generally available from CPLANE NETWORKS. This SDN software integrates with the OpenStack framework… - 06/06/2014

OpenDaylight Project Gets Three New Members
Extreme Networks, Flextronics and Oracle have signed on to become members of the OpenDaylight Project, the group announced today. - 06/05/2014

SDN-based Distrix 4.1 Addresses Network Manageability, Programmability, Agility
Distrix, the company that until last month was known as Spark Integration Technologies, has come out with the latest version of its network virtualization software. With Distrix 4.1, the company aims to allow for better management of remote networks … - 06/05/2014

NetCracker Promotes NFV, SDN Orchestrator
NEC subsidiary NetCracker is at the TM Forum event in France this week promoting its service and network orchestration solution, which addresses the service provider move toward network functions virtualization and software-defined networking. The or… - 06/04/2014

Infonetics: SDN Will Go Mainstream, But is Slowing Investment for Now
Infonetics Research recently reconfirmed its assertion that the move to software-defined networking is indeed slowing investment in carrier router and switch spending, and provided evidence of that trend. - 06/03/2014

NTT Communications Offers Self-Service Cloud Networking Based on NFV
The Japanese telecommunications provider NTT Communications has announced that it is offering the first self-service cloud-based networking services based on network functions virtualization (NFV) technology. - 06/02/2014

SDN Zone Week in Review
Turns out this NFV, SDN is real. - 05/31/2014

Ovum's Sapien Comments on NTT Com's NFV, SDN News
NTT Communications Group yesterday announced the global availability of NFV- and SDN-based services, offered under the name of Arcstar Universal One. During a midnight press conference from Japan, company management said the Virtela-powered services … - 05/30/2014

Rayno Media Report Shows SDN Technology is a Major Shift
A press release by Rayno Media Inc., a corporation that examines technology and investment trends, revealed that the company released their first report for 2014, "The Software Defined Network Revolution: An Ecosystem Report." - 05/30/2014

NTT Communications Takes Customer-Configured, NFV/SDN Services Global
NTT Communications Group today announced that its Arcstar Universal One services, about which TMCnet reported in December , are now available in more than 190 countries. - 05/29/2014

ProphetStor, Iveda Improve Software Defined Storage Management for Video Services
In the case of private and public clouds, sufficient storage and efficient storage management are critical requisites. But owing to cost constrained network storage becomes a setback in most cases. To overcome this problem, ProphetStor Data Services… - 05/29/2014

Active Broadband Networks Helps SDN Converts Follow the ARC
Active Broadband Networks describes itself as a company that supplies software-defined networking solutions for controlling broadband service delivery has made available the Active Resource Controller. - 05/28/2014

Metaswitch to Metanetwork
Once upon a time, Metaswitch Networks wasn't called Metaswitch, but Data Connection Limited (DCL). The company started out creating OEM software stacks and bits of various flavors, only to see an explosive growth in the softswitch business drown ever… - 05/27/2014

Dimension Data Commits to SDN
Software-defined networking is more than a trend. It represents a fundamental change in how networks are designed and operated, and in the configuration of the networking industry itself, notes Dimension Data. In response to this sea change, the $6 b… - 05/27/2014

NetNumber Promotes TITAN as an NFV-based Silo Killer
The move by telcos to reinvent themselves using NFV and SDN technologies is a good one, but it won't do much to break down the networking silos that have thus far prevented them from lowering operational costs and becoming more agile competitors if a… - 05/19/2014

SDN Zone Week in Review
Network functions virtualization and software-defined networking continue to be areas of keen interest and growth - in terms of bandwidth, product portfolios, and marketshare gains - in communications networking circles, as illustrated by news from v… - 05/17/2014

Gartner Names SDN Outfit Centec a Cool Vendor in China
Centec Networks has made Gartner's Cool Vendors in China list, making it one of five companies to receive that distinction. - 05/16/2014

Napatech Accelerates Move to 100Gbps Future
It is hard to believe after all of the years of promise that we are moving to a 100Gbps future, the promise is finally becoming a reality as all of the puzzle pieces are now in place. In fact, a critical missing component for making that 100Gbps end-… - 05/13/2014

Accedian Tells Its SDN, Growth Stories
Accedian Networks, today, offered an update on its growth in the areas of customer additions, market share gains, and portfolio expansion - including its network functions virtualization-based and software-defined networking solutions. - 05/13/2014

Study Says Network Experts Are Mixed on SDN
Software-defined networking is causing much trepidation among network managers and engineers, with 12 percent of those surveyed saying SDN is critical, and 80 percent suggesting it is either unimportant or they are going to ride out of the hype. - 05/12/2014

OpenDaylight Project Founding Member HP Goes Platinum
HP today announced it is now a Platinum member of the OpenDaylight Project, of which it is a founding member. - 05/12/2014

SDN Zone Week in Review
The software-defined networking space this week saw a few partnerships, an industry-leading equipment supplier expand its portfolio, a Japanese service provider launch its SDN offers, and an important engineer open a new chapter in his career. - 05/10/2014

Comings & Goings: SDN Engineer Dixon Joins Brocade
Brocade has attracted yet another top drawer software-defined networking engineer. Colin Dixon has joined Brocade as principal engineer. - 05/08/2014

Cisco Expands Portfolio with Elastic Access
Cisco Systems has unveiled the Elastic Access portfolio, a collection of software and hardware products - including a new GPON solution, and new mobile backhaul capabilities - to enable service providers to affordably expedite the delivery of such of… - 05/08/2014

Pluribus, Super Micro Partner on SDN Solution
Pluribus Networks and Super Micro Computer Inc. have formed a strategic relationship that brings together the Pluribus Netvisor network operating system hypervisor with MicroBlade microserver platform switching blades to create a broader software-def… - 05/07/2014

Wipro Taps Nexenta for Software-Defined Storage
IT consulting and outsourcing outfit Wipro is leveraging a software-defined storage solution from Nexenta in four of its data centers in India. The software, which will run on x86 hardware, will enable Wipro to deliver cost-effective NAS and SAN serv… - 05/07/2014

KVH of Japan Launches SDN-based Carrier Ethernet
Japan's KVH Co. Ltd. is using a software-defined networking solution from Cyan to power a scalable new Carrier Ethernet service it is launching this month in Kawasaki, Osaka, Tokyo, and Yokohama. The service, called etherXEN, will be expanded in Augu… - 05/06/2014

Fox Sports Illustrates the Value of SDN
During the telecom nuclear winter, as some liked to call it, the telcos attempted to eke out all the value possible from their existing networks. Some referred to this practice as sweating their assets. After a while, that capex sponge was wrung out,… - 05/05/2014

Viptela Launches WAN Integrating Scale Connectivity, Security and Policy
It is always interesting to see a start-up attack a relatively mature market where change tends to be incremental rather than potentially disruptive. The wide area network (WAN) market is a case in point. - 05/05/2014

Juniper, Nokia Expand Relationship to Address the Emerging Software Cellco
Carriers are scrambling as they see over-the-top services such as Skype and WhatsApp eating into their revenues, as discussed in the April cover story of INTERNET TELEPHONY magazine. In a move to battle the OTT threat, carriers have joined forces to … - 05/05/2014

SDN Zone Week in Review
This was a week of new contracts, new funding, new products, and new education in the software-defined networking arena. - 05/03/2014

The Kenton Group Taps Cyan for P-OTP, SDN Solutions
Cyan has signed on yet another customer for its Z-Series Packet-Optical Transport Platform and its Blue Planet SDN and NFV orchestration platform, according to reports. That customer is The Kenton Group, a fast-growing European network access special… - 05/02/2014

Telcos Look to NFV, SDN to Enable Cost Savings, Expedite Service Introduction
Are network functions virtualization and software-defined networking more about cost savings or outfitting communications service providers with more flexible networks that allow them to deliver innovative services more quickly? The answer is a littl… - 04/30/2014

Wheelings & Dealings: Edgewater Raises $5M to Build NFV, SDN Solutions
This news is important because it further illustrates the central role that NFV and SDN are expected to play in networking going forward. - 04/30/2014

Cisco Brings SDN, Virtualization to Cable Infrastructure
MSOs can also use the platform to integrate DOCSIS and xPON into one, multi-service access network for business and residential customers. So, MSOs can offer an integrated suite of access services, including DOCSIS, high speed FTTx, service provider … - 04/30/2014

Network Products Guide Lists MRV's OptiDriver as a Recognition Finalist
The OptiDriver optical transport platform from MRV Communications was named as one of the finalists by Network Products Guide for the 9th Annual 2014 Hot Companies, and Best Products Awards in the Best Products and Services category. - 04/29/2014

Nuage Networks Shows SDN Growth Adoption
Software-Defined Networking (SDN) is the hope of datacenters and network operators around the world for managing the exponential growth in data currently taking place. Networks are under pressure to provide seamless delivery of content and services e… - 04/28/2014

SDN Zone Week in Review
TMCnet this week had the good fortune of being the platform on which David Meyer, Brocade CTO and chair of the technical steering committee of the OpenDaylight Project, shared his reflections on the past year inside ODP. - 04/26/2014

Dell & Big Switch Networks Come Together To Help Drive Software-Defined Networking
While there are an increasingly large number of applications for software-defined networking (SDN), the pace of adoption is proving to be just a bit slower than some might like to see. To that end, Big Switch Networks is joining Dell in a strategic a… - 04/25/2014

Reflections from a Year Inside the OpenDaylight Project
The OpenDaylight Project is intended to enable an SDN application ecosystem that produces new and valuable applications for both service providers and users. - 04/23/2014

Comings & Goings: SDN Upstart Big Switch Hires Former Juniper VP
In the latest game of musical chairs in the software-defined networking game, Juniper's Shaun Page has found a new seat at Big Switch Networks. The former Juniper Networks vice president has been tapped to head up Big Switch's channel and sales effor… - 04/22/2014

SDN Zone Week in Review
Software-defined networking seems to have come a long way in a short time, but SDN's impact on the network will be far and wide. - 04/19/2014

Mediation and Billing Solution Providers Partner to Address Next-Gen Networks, Services
DigitalRoute and MetraTech have joined forces to help service providers more easily monetize their cloud, M2M, network functions virtualization, software-defined networking, and unified communications capabilities. - 04/15/2014

IDC: Logicalis Stands Benefit from SDN
Software-defined networking is a new, game-changing technology that could shift the balance of things in the telecom and datacom equipment world. Among the potential winners in this game could be Logicalis, an international IT solutions and managed s… - 04/14/2014

SDN Zone Week in Review
If I had to pick a theme of the week for the SDN Zone, I'd have to go with OpenDaylight. It was this week that The OpenDaylight Project announced a summer internship program. This week also saw Huawei announce it has established an OpenDaylight La… - 04/12/2014

OneAsia Employs SDN-based Pluribus Switch
"SDN and large-scale network virtualization will become a game shifter, providing important building blocks for delivering future enterprise and hybrid, private, and public cloud services," said Nav Chander, research manager for telecom services and … - 04/11/2014

OpenDaylight Project Offers Summer Internship
If you're a college-aged software developer - or you have a friend, neighbor, child, grandchild, cousin, niece, or nephew who is one - you may want check into the summer internship program being offered by The OpenDaylight Project. - 04/11/2014

ConteXtream Partners with Guavus to Bring Real-Time Analytics to SDN
The effort combines ConteXtream's ContexNet distributed SDN fabric, which allows for expedited testing and introduction of new features and services, with the Guavus Reflex platform, which offers end-to-end network visibility. - 04/11/2014

Huawei Opens OpenDaylight Lab in China
In an effort to move on the network functions virtualization and software-defined networking opportunity, Chinese telecom equipment powerhouse Huawei has established a lab in Shenzhen where developers and users in the Asia Pacific can test and otherw… - 04/09/2014

Current Analysis Survey: CTOs, Strategy Drive NFV and SDN Buying
The buying decisions of facilities-based service providers, regarding network functions virtualization and software-defined networking, are being driven by strategic goals and high-level individuals at these organizations. Yet cost remains the primar… - 04/07/2014

SDN Zone Week in Review: Cisco Embraces OpFlex, Rather Than OpenFlow, and More SDN News of the Week
This week in SDN news saw networking giant Cisco Systems move further away from the OpenFlow protocol around which most of the rest of the industry has been coalescing, the launch of a new product from Connectloud, the release of a couple new analyst… - 04/05/2014

Become the Next Google or Facebook with SDN
No, it's not really about becoming the next Google or Facebook, but about becoming a great company. What these two have in common and do better than most other companies is use automation, operational efficiency, and simplicity to get the most of the… - 04/04/2014

Connectloud Launches First Product Called uCloud
Connectloud has launched its first product called uCloud. uCloud is a platform which can be used by businesses so they can achieve multi-tenant automation across diverse clouds. The clouds can be made up of any kind -- public, private or hybrid - and… - 04/03/2014

Cavium and 6WIND Continue Collaborating in Order to Deliver NFV and SDN Solutions
Though the two companies were already engaged in an existing partnership with one another, leading multipurpose integrated semiconductor provider Cavium and software developer 6WIND have announced their intentions to remain partners, in order to deli… - 04/03/2014

Catbird Recognized as SDN Security Innovator
Frost & Sullivan is a growth consulting firm that provides research on best practice and strategies for growth. This includes companies in the public sector, the investment community as well as emerging businesses. - 04/03/2014

Cisco Adopts OpFlex for SDN in Data Center Infrastructure
Cisco announced this week that the company is adopting OpFlex, a new southbound protocol between network controllers and devices. The move comes as no surprise to industry insiders who saw the signs that the networking giant was interested in an alte… - 04/03/2014

SDN and NFV Moving from Lab to Trials and Operators Cite Top NFV Use Case
There is a famous and oft repeated line in absurdist playwright Samuel Beckett's masterpiece Waiting for Godot. The two main characters Vladimir and Estragon keep asking, "When Will He Ever Come?" When it comes to the communications industry and its … - 04/02/2014

Software Defined Networking: Hype or Reality?
There's been a wave of industry buzz recently about Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and how it's going to transform the way networks are built, managed, used and accessed. - 04/02/2014

HP Networking Readies the World for SDN
There have been few periods in history where multiple mega-trends have combined to drive as much change in business operations as four major shifts are creating today. Cloud computing, mobility, security, and big data are collectively changing busine… - 04/02/2014

Spirent Velocity Provides Customers New Platform to Test New Generation of Virtualized Devices
Spirent Communications, a major player in networks, devices and applications testing solutions, recently introduced a virtual lab environment, called the Spirent Velocity. - 04/01/2014

Advantech Leverages Netronome's SDN Solutions
Advantech says it now supports software-defined networking on its x86 servers. It added that capability through the use of Netronome's FlowNICs, which support the Open Networking Foundation's specification for OpenFlow 1.0 - 1.3. - 04/01/2014

Overture Enhances 6500 Aggregation & Switching Platform
Overture has enhanced its 6500 service aggregation and switching platform to deliver performance-assured carrier Ethernet over any access method. As a result, it can now support the service over E-Access, copper, fiber, SONET/SDH, and TDM. Also new i… - 04/01/2014

ProphetStor's Software-defined Storage Solution Does Orchestration
ProphetStor Data Services Inc. has announced the general availability of version 2.0 of its Federator SDS product. The software-defined storage solution enables centralized control of a variety of storage systems. It also allows for automated discove… - 04/01/2014

Broadcom Delivers Multi-core Processor with 4X Competitors' Performance
Broadcom has added the XLP500 Series to its XLP II multi-core communications processor portfolio. This new series delivers four times the per-core performance of competing processors, which will enable it to simplify and support network functions vir… - 03/31/2014

Sigma Systems, NetYCE Integrate Solutions to Address Provisioning, Fulfillment Automation
NetYCE and Sigma Systems have come together to integrate their solutions in a move that addresses service fulfillment on both legacy networks and new networks that leverage new network functions virtualization and software-defined networking technolo… - 03/31/2014

SDN Zone Week in Review: Vendors Throw the Book at NFV, SDN
The publication of a book is a sure sign of a presidential contender, and the publication of various guides is a strong sign that a new communications technology is heating up. - 03/29/2014

Napatech Suggests It's Time for Telcos to Rethink Their Networking Strategies
A new whitepaper in Napatech's "Time to ReThink" series tackles the issues of growing data and network complexity, and explains how network functions virtualization, software-defined networking, and real-time insight can help telcos deliver quality, … - 03/26/2014

Anuta Releases New SDN Software Release
Anuta Networks has released version 3.0 of its software-defined networking platform and announced that Norwegian data center services outfit Fjord IT as a customer. - 03/24/2014

SDN Zone Week in Review
As ADVA Optical Networking's CTO Christoph Glingener nicely summarized things in his SDN Zone piece earlier this week, transport SDN is quickly maturing beyond the imagining stage. - 03/22/2014

SDN-Enabled Exchange Company Snaps Things into Place for Atlanta AWS Customers
The Internet exchange known as Southeast Network Access Point (aka SNAP) now offers customers of the Colo Atl Atlanta facility the ability to connect to the Amazon Direct Connect service in Northern Virginia. - 03/21/2014

SDN's Transport Future Comes Into View
Imagine that sales are surging. - 03/21/2014

ADVA Highlights the Importance of Precise Synchronization for Mobile Broadband Networks
The rate in which smartphones and tablets are generating data is forcing wireless operators to continually upgrade their infrastructure to meet this demand. As network operators migrate to LTE they will be facing challenges that will affect their cus… - 03/20/2014

Telco Systems Jumps Aboard the Software Telco Bandwagon
Telco Systems says it's shifting its focus to better align with what's happening on the network functions virtualization and software-defined networking front. - 03/20/2014

Findings by OpenDaylight Project Show that Industry Wants Open Source SDN
OpenDaylight is a Collaborative Project at The Linux Foundation. It is an open source project designed to accelerate adoption of Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and create a solid foundation for Network Functions Virtualization (NFV). Hopefully, th… - 03/20/2014

Software Defined Networks Demystified: 5 Truths
For those trying to understand what a Software Defined Network (SDN) is, this post demystifies many of the benefits promised by SDN adversaries. To do this, I will draw out 5 areas that help you comprehend the truth about where it promises to deliver… - 03/18/2014

BTI Systems Introduces New Wavelength Services Solution
BTI Systems today unveiled the BTI 7802 wavelength services solution, which can enable service providers to deliver 10/100G services, and can be updated as required to support MPLS label switched routing, network functions virtualization, and softwar… - 03/17/2014

SDN Startup Anuta Networks Releases New Network Management Software
Enabling new capabilities for remote site LANs, WAN and data center all while maintaining consistent provisioning and monitoring of services across the total network is a key challenge for network administrators, as explained by a customer of Anuta N… - 03/17/2014

SDN Zone Week in Review: Coriant Unveils New Solution; Cisco, MRV Talk SDN Strategy
More product rollouts and multivendor activities are what is new this week in the software-defined networking arena. - 03/15/2014

Wheelings & Dealings: vIPtela Gets Funding to Help Enterprises Capitalize on the Open Internet
The Open Internet or net neutrality is in place to make the Internet freely available so anyone can access the technology and use it to launch innovative applications and services to improve the way we communicate, create, and conduct business. Makin… - 03/14/2014

Coriant Officially Introduces its SDN-based Dynamic Optical Cloud Solution
The new Coriant Dynamic Optical Cloud, unveiled today, is just the latest software-defined networking solution designed to help service providers automate their networks and make them more programmable and virtualized to allow for more affordable and… - 03/12/2014

Cisco: Customers Are Finding More Agility and Flexibility in SDN
As networking and telecommunications companies today scramble for market share and ways to increase their profit margins, they have begun listening to their customers more so they can provide them with what they really want. - 03/12/2014

MRV Announces ONF Membership, Work with ETSI NFV Group
It's a Tuesday, so what better day than to promote your NFV and SDN messaging? At least that's what MRV Communications Inc. seems to have decided, so today it issued a press release talking about its activities on the network functions virtualization… - 03/11/2014

O3 Project Unveils Early SDN WAN Compatibility Work
Japanese service provider NTT and several major telecom vendors, which are working together through the O3 Project, say they have developed solutions to enable SDN compatibility and control across multiple varieties of wide area network infrastructur… - 03/10/2014

Optical Industry Group Coalesces Around Open Source, SDN
A new group called the Open Source Optical Forum aims to be the optical world's answer to software-defined networking. The OSO Forum, which is being driven by software company Vello Systems, aims to spur the adoption of open source optical solutio… - 03/10/2014

SDN Zone Week in Review: Khosla, Infonetics Make Revealing Observations about SDN
Software-defined networking is well positioned to help network operators as they try to gain their footing in the shift to an app-centric and increasingly over-the-top world. But it won't be the sole technology involved. And it will shake things up a… - 03/08/2014

Khosla Sees SDN as an Enabler in Move to Cross-data Center Operating System
Many view software-defined networking as a game changer, but Vinod Khosla sees it simply as an enabler for where things are going. The well-known venture capitalist Vinod Khosla conveyed this message during his keynote presentation at the recent Open… - 03/06/2014

GigOptix to Contribute to the PANTHER Research Project
GigOptix has officially thrown its weight behind the PANTHER (Passive and Electro-optic Polymer Photonics and InP Electronic Integration for Multi-Flow Terabit Transceivers at Edge SDN Switches and Data-Center) research project. Since GigOptix is a s… - 03/06/2014

Qosmos Lays Out Three-Stage NFV, SDN Strategy
The third stage of the Qosmos strategy involves the introduction of its service chaining module, which identifies applications and metadata in real time through the use of packet tagging. This allows for improved network utilization, service customiz… - 03/05/2014

Dell Expands NFV, SDN Efforts to Address Carriers
A year later, at Mobile World Congress, Dell pushed its NFV and SDN further forward by announcing an expanded OpenStack NFV collaboration with open source pioneer Red Hat, and an NFV and SDN partnership with Calsoft Labs. Both partnerships help Dell … - 03/05/2014

Carriers Slow Router, Switch Spending as They Formulate SDN Strategies
SDN is such a strong change agent in carrier networking these days that it's slowing spending in traditional infrastructure while service providers learn more about software-defined networking and where they should invest to move their strategies for… - 03/04/2014

NEC Adds Scale, Interconnect Capabilities with New SDN Controller Release
The American and Japanese businesses of NEC Corp. have unveiled a new version of the SDN-based ProgrammableFlow Networking Suite. With Version 5.1, which will be generally available in North America starting next month, they will add a data center co… - 03/04/2014

Netronome Introduces New NFV, SDN Software, High-performance NICs
Netronome today took the wraps off new network interface cards - for network functions virtualization and software-defined networking implementations - that the company says are unprecedented in the speed and density they deliver. - 03/04/2014

Radware Launches DefenseFlow v1.0 for NEC's Controller
NEC and Radware have been working together on software-defined networking solutions, and today the latter company revealed its DefenseFlow application for NEC's ProgrammableFlow Controller is now generally available. - 03/03/2014

Broadcom Introduces New OpenFlow SDN Solutions
Broadcom has come out with OpenFlow Data Plane Abstraction v1.0 specification, software, and an API. The semiconductor company says this is the industry's abstraction for the Open Networking Foundation's OpenFlow 1.3.1 Switch. - 03/03/2014

SDN Zone Week in Review: Mobile World Congress Generates a Flurry of NFV, SDN News
This week many of the leading lights of the networking world were gathered in beautiful Barcelona for the enormous Mobile World Congress event. As a result, not surprisingly, much of the news related to software-defined networking and network functio… - 03/01/2014

Elephant Talk Completes Initial Rollout of Software DNA 2.0
Elephant Talk, a global provider of SDN architecture platforms and cyber security solutions, has announced the completion of the initial rollout of its Software DNA 2.0 platform. - 02/28/2014

Telefonica I+D, Infinera Demo SDN-based NaaS
Just yesterday TMCnet posted a story about how Telefonica unveiled its UNICA initiative at Mobile World Congress this week, which is what the carrier is calling its move to an open, virtualized infrastructure. Today the Spanish company, which offers … - 02/27/2014

Tilera, Procera Networks Offer DPI-on-a-NIC for SDN/NFV
Tilera Corporation and Procera Networks are offering a DPI (deep packet inspection) on a NIC (network interface controller) solution for software defined networks (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV). - 02/26/2014

Tier 1 Carriers Make NFV, SDN News at MWC
Mobile World Congress is an enormous event taking place this week where the wireless ecosystem is discussing and displaying all aspects of mobile networking - from applications, to endpoints, to the core. While the noise of the event can make it diff… - 02/26/2014

CreaNODE Delivers Mobile Backhaul Service Assurance Solution for the SDN Age
Mobile networks cannot survive on access connections alone. Also key to any cellular network is the backhaul part of the picture. And with the growing number of traffic types on the network, including video, wireless service providers want to make su… - 02/25/2014

MNOs Can Benefit from SDN Too, Says Elephant Talk
Mobile network operators can leverage software-defined networking to realize up to 80 percent in savings, according to Elephant Talk Communications Corp. - 02/25/2014

Radware Unveils NFV, SDN Mobile Solutions for Security, Service Chaining and More
Radware took the wraps off three new solutions that leverage network functions virtualization and software-defined networking to enable LTE mobile network operators to more effectively address evolving load balancing, security, service chaining, and … - 02/24/2014

2014 Excellence in SDN Award Call for Entries
TMC, a global, integrated media company helping clients in person, in print and online, announced today that applications are now being accepted for the 2014 Excellence in SDN Award, sponsored by INTERNET TELEPHONY Magazine and SDN Zone. - 02/24/2014

Interconnekt Applies Brocade Infrastructure to Expand Growth in the Cloud
According to a Gartner report on cloud computing, the total market is expected to grow to $210 billion in 2016 with a 17.7 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2011 to 2016. To capitalize on this opportunity, service providers around the w… - 02/24/2014

SDN Zone Week in Review: A Time for Pairing
If there was just one word to describe the software-defined networking-related news in the past week or so, it would probably best be summed up with the word partnership. Or maybe this word: acquisition. - 02/22/2014

Radisys Unveils Carrier-Grade NFV, SDN Gear
This is important because it's yet another example that points to a bright future for NFV and SDN within service provider networks - including those of the tier 1 wireless and wireline telcos. - 02/21/2014

Nokia Rumored to Be Seeking NSN-Juniper Merger
Rumors are afoot that Nokia Oyj is considering a purchase of Juniper Networks with an eye toward pairing the router giant's assets with those of its own Nokia Solutions and Networks unit. This comes from Manager Magazin, which said Nokia's board was … - 02/20/2014

Wheelings & Dealings: GENBAND's uReach Acquisition Part of Larger Service Provider Transformation Strategy
Like the service providers to which it sells, GENBAND wants to be more than just an underlying infrastructure provider. It wants to move up the stack to also provide more applications like real-time communications solutions. In its latest effort to e… - 02/18/2014

SDN Zone Week in Review: A Busy Week of Ericsson
It's been a busy week in the software-defined networking world. We've seen at least on acquisition. Ericsson - one of the largest telecom equipment companies in the world - unveiled a slew of NFV and SDN offerings. And just today Ericsson announced a… - 02/15/2014

Ericsson and Ciena Partnership - Paving the Way for NFV, SDN Success
Two of the leading companies in networking have joined forces to sell and develop solutions involving packet optical and software-defined networking. The strategic partnership involves Ericsson, a telecom network infrastructure and systems integratio… - 02/14/2014

Wheelings & Dealings: Aeroflex Buys SDN Test Firm Shenick
Companies at all levels of the network ecosystem are working to carve out a space for themselves in the developing software-defined networking arena. Just last week, for example, Aeroflex Holding Corp. moved to buy Shenick Network Systems. According … - 02/13/2014

Cyan Introduces 100gbE Support, CE2.0 API to Its Packet-optical SDN Solutions
Cyan today announced it has come out with the first SDN-enabled packet-optical transport solution supporting 100 gigabit Ethernet, and that its Blue Planet SDN & NFV orchestration platform now has a northbound interface for carrier Ethernet 2.0 servi… - 02/12/2014

Radware Releases SDN Security App for OpenDaylight Project
Radware recently introduced Defense4All, saying that it is the industry's first open SDN security application for the OpenDaylight Project. - 02/12/2014

Ericsson Previews a Variety of Cellular, NFV, SDN News
Ericsson this week unleashed a flurry of announcements - many of them centered on the hot themes of network functions virtualization and software-defined networking - just a couple weeks ahead of Mobile World Congress, at which it will be showing man… - 02/12/2014

Mobile Backhaul Savings from SDN May Be Bigger Than Previously Expected
The savings that SDN could produce relative to mobile backhaul are even larger than previously thought, according to new data from Strategy Analytics. - 02/11/2014

ONF Group Issues SDN Best Practices, Use Cases Document
There's a new document available from the Open Networking Foundation that can serve as a guidepost for anyone looking to adopt OpenFlow-based software-defined networking. - 02/11/2014

NSN Introduces New NFV Telco Cloud Solutions
Nokia Solutions and Networks has a new offering based on network functions virtualization called Telco Cloud Management, which includes the NetAct operations support system and the Cloud Application Manager. The company is also promoting its professi… - 02/10/2014

New Big Switch Networks CEO Talks Strategy with TMCnet
SDN upstart Big Switch Networks has made a lot of big changes in the past few months. The company's CEO Doug Murray spoke with TMCnet on Friday to explain the new strategy. - 02/10/2014

SDN Zone Week in Review: OpenDaylight Project Unleashes Hydrogen, and Other SDN News
Network functions virtualization and software-defined networking continue to grab headlines. And with the OpenDaylight Summit taking place earlier this week, many of the most important news developments in the last few days related to that group's ef… - 02/08/2014

Inktank Reveals Version 1.1 of Inktank Ceph Enterprise
Inktank is a company specializing in open source, software-defined storage systems. The company's mission is to help enterprises use Ceph to decrease their storage costs, increase their operational flexibility and effectively manage their rapidly gro… - 02/07/2014

ConteXtream, Qosmos Join OpenDaylight Project for SDN/NFV
ConteXtream and Qosmos are joining the OpenDaylight Project. It is an open source platform to advance Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) -- which are major trends in the telecom sector and could be big player… - 02/05/2014

OpenDaylight Project Releases Hydrogen
An important new element has come to the table for the communications industry, and it's called Hydrogen. That's the name of the open source software released today by the OpenDaylight Project. - 02/05/2014

Ericsson Opens SDN Lab
Leading telecom infrastructure provider Ericsson is creating a lab at which software-defined networking developers can integrate, test and verify applications in an OpenDaylight environment. The facility will be in San Jose, Calif., at Ericsson's cam… - 02/04/2014

Brocade Unveils New SDN-focused Channel Effort
When it comes to pursuing the software-defined networking opportunity, Brocade isn't messing around. In the past couple months, the company has brought aboard two leading engineers who have been leaders in the emerging SDN space, and today the compan… - 02/04/2014

Wheelings & Dealings: InterCloud Poised to Acquire RentVM, Expand Cloud and Managed Services
Managed service provider InterCloud Systems is in the final stages of acquiring RentVM, a New Jersey-based cloud computing company. The acquisitions will expand InterCloud's cloud and managed services capabilities as it grants the company access to a… - 02/04/2014

Wheelings & Dealings: InterCloud Systems to Purchase SDDC and SDN Solution Company RentVM
InterCloud Systems, Inc. is having a busy winter. The company, a provider of managed IT and next-generation network solutions, has announced its intent to purchase RentVM, Inc. The acquisition comes on the heels of a major two-year managed cloud serv… - 02/03/2014

RADCOM Launches First NFV-ready Service Assurance Solution for LTE Networks
Along with mobility and all things cloud, the virtualization of computing resources is the third inevitable and indomitable trend of our times. And, while virtualization has become a mainstay of enterprise IT's efforts to do more with less in the are… - 02/03/2014

Comings & Goings: SDN, NFV Leader Nadeau Joins Brocade
Brocade just got more firepower in the industry battle to capture NFV and SDN mindshare and market share. That comes in the form of Tom Nadeau, who the company has named a distinguished engineer. - 02/03/2014

NFV, SDN Continue to Generate Heat, Debate
Network functions virtualization and software-defined networking are perhaps two of the most talked about trends in networking today. They are also probably two of the new technologies causing the most confusion, as stories and reports continue to su… - 02/03/2014

Brocade Gets Recognized by J.D. Power
Brocade, a company that offers networking solutions, recently announced that it has won J.D. Power's Certified Technology Service and Support (CTSS) Program award. The company was recognized for delivering exceptional services and support to help cus… - 02/03/2014

A10 Networks aCloud Services Architecture to Improve IaaS Delivery
The complexity of today's network environment requires a platform that is able to manage the incredible amount of traffic generated by mobile devices, rich media and cloud related services with intelligence. Controlling this traffic manually is no lo… - 02/03/2014

IBM May Sell SDN Unit for $1B Given Big Blue's New Direction
News reports surfaced this week that IBM may put its software-defined networking (SDN) business up for sale for $1 billion. Two obvious questions emerge: Why now and who will buy it? Among the possible purchasers are Cisco, Dell, Fujitsu, Hewle… - 01/30/2014

Cisco Introduces Application Policy Infrastructure Controller (APIC) Enterprise Module
Today's network environment is more complex than ever. As organizations continue to migrate to the cloud in droves and the insatiable appetite of smart mobile devices keeps devouring bandwidth, network managers are under incredible pressure to keep t… - 01/30/2014

ConteXtream Co-founder Sharon Barkai to Take Stage at ITEXPO Event
While easily, one of the biggest draws for the ITEXPO event-currently running until January 31 at the Miami Beach Convention Center-has to be the exhibitions of new products, there are plenty of other reasons to attend as well, including the networki… - 01/28/2014

Cisco Pushes Cloud, SDN, Internet of Everything Products, Vision
The cloud and software-defined networking are two areas of focus this week at Cisco Live! in Milan, Italy. In line with that theme, Cisco today announced its plans to extend the application-centric infrastructure controller, which the company announc… - 01/28/2014

NEC Readies NFV, SDN Demos
Network functions virtualization and software-defined networking loom large at industry gatherings these days. They will be a key area of focus tomorrow at SDN Precon in Miami, and these technologies will again be an area of focus next month at Mobil… - 01/27/2014

SDN Zone Week in Review: A Primer for Next Week's SDN Precon in Miami
On Tuesday of next week many of the movers and shakers in the software-defined networking arena will come together at SDN Precon in sunny Miami. - 01/25/2014

Emulex Helps Network Operators Ramp Up, SDN-enabled Virtual Networks
A new family of Ethernet network adapters from Emulex Corp. can help enterprises, cloud providers and telcos scale up their virtual machine deployments with low latency and offer a new open API called SURF to integrate with software-defined networkin… - 01/24/2014

BTI Systems Sees Good Success with SDN; Is An IPO in its Near Future?
BTI Systems may be primed for an IPO, according to a story yesterday by the Boston Business Journal. - 01/24/2014

ACG, Netsocket Offer Assessments, Forecasts around SDN
The SDN-enabled hardware space will exceed $707 million this year and reach $13.3 billion in 2018, according to ACG Research. Meanwhile, the market for SDN software in service provider networks will be valued at $2.3 billion in 2018, the firm says. I… - 01/22/2014

SDN Takes on the Challenge to Meet Changing Public Demands
Software-defined networking (SDN) is a different approach to computer networking. It evolved from work which was conducted at UC Berkeley and Stanford University around 2008. SDN allows network administrators to manage network services through abstra… - 01/22/2014

Ciena CTO Says NFV, SDN, More Ubiquitous Cloud Will Take Off in 2014
This year the cloud will deliver a more ubiquitous user experience, telcos will begin to implement network functions virtualization, and software-defined networking will move into production networks. These are three of the predictions for 2014 offer… - 01/22/2014

Openwave Mobility Noted as a Key Player in NFV-, SDN-based Video
ABI Research is putting the spotlight on Openwave Mobility, which it says is an important player in the video space and is leveraging network functions virtualization and software-defined networking. - 01/22/2014

SDN Zone Week in Review
Software-defined networking remains a hot topic of discussion and activities, and this week was no exception. In the SDN Zone this week, the topics of security, storage, interconnection, adoption, and definitions were top of mind. - 01/18/2014

Tilera Emphasizes Strong Stable of Intellectual Property
Tilera, which is backed by Bessemer Venture Partners, Walden International and Columbia Capital, offers something called TILE-IQ that uses the company's high-performance processors along with x86 CPUs to accelerate systems and offload entire applicat… - 01/17/2014

OpenDaylight SDN Effort Welcomes Coriant, ZTE
Coriant and ZTE Corp. have joined the OpenDaylight project, which was established to accelerate the adoption of network functions virtualization and software-defined networking technology. - 01/16/2014

F5 Offers Comment, Clarification on Software-Defined Discussion
Software-defined networking is creating a lot of excitement, but one area of confusion related to this topic has to do with the difference between being software-defined and software-deployed. - 01/16/2014

SDN Offers Security Pros & Cons, but Benefits Seem to Outweigh Shortcomings
Software-defined networking has been lauded as a way to help IT and service provider organizations become more efficient and flexible in addressing application requirements. But whenever a new technology is introduced, network operators understandabl… - 01/15/2014

Sabey Data Centers Taps MRV for Optical Interconnection
Intergate.Manhattan - which owner Sabey Data Centers claims is the largest, tallest and most connected of New York City's data centers - is now using MRV Communications Inc.'s OptiDriver optical transport platform to address its interconnection bandw… - 01/13/2014

Analyst Estimates 2018 Software-defined Storage Market Will Be Worth More than $5B
The software-defined storage market is expected to be worth a whopping $5.41 billion by 2018. - 01/13/2014

Pica8 Aims to Broaden the Appeal of SDN with Platform for 10GbE Environments
Software-defined networking upstart Pica8 now offers an open SDN switch platform for environments operating 10GbE over copper network backbones. This news is important because it represents a move to bring the cost benefits SDN and standardized hardw… - 01/13/2014

Week in Review: SDN Zone
You can tell when something is new and exciting is going on when it starts to make people and money move. That's exactly the effect that network functions virtualization and software-defined networking are having on the IT and telecom fronts. And thi… - 01/11/2014

PCE Breakthrough Allows ZTE to Consolidate Global Optical Network Leadership
This week, ZTE brought to fruition a demonstration of an industry first. It completed a path computation element (PCE) control solution for deployment in optical transport networks (OTN). ZTE was able to achieve a significant breakthrough in the deve… - 01/10/2014

Comings & Goings: Brocade Attracts Noteworthy Engineer, a Veteran of Cisco, Juniper
Brocade has reportedly scored an important mind in the sphere of network functions virtualization and software-defined networking. That mind belongs to engineer Benson Schliesser, a veteran of both Cisco Systems and Juniper Networks. - 01/10/2014

Edgewater Networks' EdgeProtect 4550 E-SBC Offers All-in-one Power for SMBs
When it comes to session initiation protocol (SIP) trunking, and the growing field of enterprise session border controllers (E-SBC), there isn't always a lot of consideration made for the specific needs of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Th… - 01/10/2014

Wheelings & Dealings: Oracle Strikes Again - With Plans to Buy SDN Player Corente
Oracle Corp. earlier this week announced plans to acquire software-defined networking outfit Corente for an undisclosed sum. - 01/10/2014

IneoQuest Joins Intel Network Builders Program to Develop SDN, NFV Solutions
IneoQuest Technologies has announced that it has joined Intel's Network Builders Program to develop software-defined network (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV) technology applications for telecommunications. - 01/08/2014

Red Hat to Help Drive New CentOS
CentOS, a Linux distribution that offers more than core OS services, is getting a major revamp thanks to the CentOS Project and Red Hat. - 01/08/2014

Wheelings & Dealings: Oracle Makes SDN Play with Corente Buy
Software Defined Networking (SDN) is a complex and ambitious technology that replaces physical and hard wired network connections with a full layer of virtualization. This may well the future of networking and no one, not even Oracle, wants to be lef… - 01/07/2014

Why Efforts Like the Intel Network Builders Program Are Important for NFV, SDN
Deep packet inspection solution provider Qosmos is an inaugural member of the new Intel Network Builders program, the companies announced today. The group aims to help vendors more easily build network functions virtualization and software-defined ne… - 01/07/2014

Radware Predicts a Challenging 2014 for Enterprise Security
In today's environment it is almost certain every organization will face a cyber-attack. This can be a deliberate attack because of the profile of the organization or a crime of opportunity due to the existence of an exploitable vulnerability. - 01/06/2014

Cisco vs. VMware: SDN Battle Royale
When it comes to software defined networking (SDN) one doesn't often think of VMware. But SDN is really the virtualization of the network, and who, after all, is the king of virtualization? The rise of SDN is now pitting virtualization leader VMwar… - 01/06/2014

Why Arista Networks is Creating Excitement
It didn't happen in 2013, but perhaps 2014 will see an IPO from fast-growing SDN upstart Arista Networks. - 01/06/2014

Predictions for 2014 Wireless Mobile Core Networking are in from EJL Wireless Research
This morning, EJL Wireless Research released a new white paper in which it disclosed its 2014 predictions for wireless mobile core networks. EJL Wireless Research is managed by Earl Lum. Mr. Lum has roughly 18 years of experience within the wireless … - 01/06/2014

Clear ROI, Compelling Use Cases, Reference Customers Will Move SDN Forward
Controversial is the word that Current Analysis uses to describe software-defined networking in the enterprise. Yet the research firm, which just published a report on this topic, goes on to discuss the many benefits of SDN in the campus LAN, but it … - 01/06/2014

Spirent Tapped for OFELIA Test Bed
A testing solution provided by Spirent Communications is being used in the OpenFlow in Europe: Linking Infrastructure and Applications test bed. Specifically, the pan-European research community known as OFELIA is employing Spirent TestCenter Virtual… - 01/02/2014

Analyst Community Abuzz about Juniper's Positive Prospects
Juniper Networks and its new software-defined networking strategy are getting positive reviews from the financial community. - 01/02/2014

NetCracker Named Winner of the Annual Excellence in SDN Award
TMC, a global, integrated media company, recently recognized NetCracker Technology with the 2013 Excellence in SDN Award. - 12/30/2013

SDNZone Week in Review: Cloud, SDN, Virtualization Continue Their Advance
The concept of the software telco, and software-based networking in general, were among the biggest trends of 2013 and are expected to make headway in multiple commercial carrier and enterprise deployments in the year ahead. - 12/28/2013

Ovum, Red Hat Explain How Big Data, Cloud, Virtualization Will Advance in 2014
Big data will get really big, enterprises will embrace infrastructure as a service in a big way, the hybrid cloud will gain steam, open source will continue its ascent and virtualization will expand. Those are among the 2014 predictions offered up re… - 12/27/2013

Wheelings & Dealings: Juniper Lauded for Its SDN Play Strong Cash Position & WANDL Acquisition
Juniper Networks made a wide variety of investments this year, and its most recent acquisition ¬- of WANDL for $60 million - is already paying returns. According to reports, Juniper's stock is on the rise (trading at $21.91 at last look) following th… - 12/27/2013

SDNZone Week in Review: Sources Offer SDN Reviews, Forecasts
As the year comes to a close, several TMCnet sources shared their thoughts on software-defined networking - which was one of the big tech trends in 2013, and several others this week made announcements detailing their efforts to help SDN continue its… - 12/21/2013

DukeNet Demos SDN Orchestration
As Netsocket and Heavy Reading emphasized in releasing poll results earlier this year, the software-defined networking movement could benefit from proofs of concept around automated network optimization, provisioning and orchestration. Southeast regi… - 12/19/2013

SDN Predictions 2014: How SDN Will Transform IT
2013 has seen the start of a generational shift in computing and networking; by comparison, 2014 will be a tectonic shift for the entire industry. - 12/19/2013

Spirent TestCenter Virtual to Power-up OFELIA Test Bed for SDN Testing
Spirent Communications announced that the company's Spirent TestCenter Virtual will be used to power-up OFELIA (OpenFlow in Europe: Linking Infrastructure and Applications) test bed for Software Defined Networking (SDN)/OpenFlow testing initiatives. - 12/18/2013

Wheelings & Dealings: Intel Acquires Mindspeed Technologies Assets to Underpin Small Cell Business
Intel has acquired some small cell related assets from Mindspeed Technologies, gaining technology that would allow Intel to process analog radio signals and convert them to digital format-something traditionally done by digital signal processors. - 12/18/2013

Sequoia Injects $33 Million in Stealth Networking Startup vIPtela
Network technology is a very critical component of the digital world we all live, work and play in. As the migration to the cloud continues to grow more and more each day, our dependence on these networks will grow along with it. Software defined net… - 12/17/2013

Infonetics Surveys the SDN in the Data Center Frontier
Infonetics Research recently issued a new survey on software-defined networking for the data center. To learn more about the key takeaways, TMCnet recently interviewed Cliff Grossner, Ph.D. Directing Analyst, Data Center and Cloud at the research fir… - 12/17/2013

Infonetics Say Software-Optimized Networks to Grow
The research firm Infonetics has released a new report on self-organizing networks as the market continues to grow. - 12/16/2013

Midokura Offers 2014 Predictions on Network Virtualization, SDN
Network virtualization and software-defined networking were two of the hottest tech trends in 2013, and all signs indicate they will only gain steam in the year ahead. Taking a deeper dive into these two important technologies and offering its perspe… - 12/16/2013

Brocade: Fabrics Will Play a Pivotal Role in Network Transformation
TMCnet recently spoke to leaders at telecom companies to get their views on 2013 and the year ahead. Here's our interview with Kelly Herrell, vice president and general manager of the software networking business unit at Brocade. - 12/16/2013

NoviFlow Unveils Latest SDN Switching Solution with OpenFlow 1.3 Support
NoviFlow, a provider of OpenFlow-based switching solutions, has announced the availability of NoviWare 250 offering OpenFlow 1.3 support for the software defined networks (SDN). - 12/11/2013

SDN Continues to Attract Investment - This Time from Sequoia to vIPtela
Software-defined networking continues to attract interest - and dollars. News broke yesterday that Sequoia Capital has invested $33 million in San Jose, Calif.-based SDN startup vIPtela. - 12/11/2013

NTT Communications Leverages SDN to Let Customers Expedite the Creation of Network Overlays
According to some accounts, software-defined networking is being driven more by telcos' interests in lowering their operational costs than anything else. But a new move by Japan's NTT Communications Corp. shows that some carriers are being innovative… - 12/11/2013

Open Software Defined Storage - Middle East Enterprises Should not be Fooled by the False 'Open' and get Locked-in Once Again
The IT analyst firm Gartner placed 'Software Defined Anything' in its list for Top IT Trends for 2014. Within the storage market, software-defined storage is rapidly gaining importance and becoming a growing market trend. - 12/11/2013

Fujitsu Develops SDN for Storage
To date, software-defined networking in enterprise environments has typically addressed local area network switches, but not storage area network optimization. That's starting to change now in light of new solutions from companies like Fujitsu Labora… - 12/11/2013

Pica8 Rolls Out SDN Starter Kit
Software-defined networking upstart Pica8 Inc. this week unveiled an SDN Starter Kit, which is intended to help people and organizations expedite their implementations in this realm. - 12/10/2013

Infonetics, Others Assess the Future of SDN
The software-defined networking space is hot, and new data from Infonetics Research shows that the heat is turning up. - 12/10/2013

Service Chaining Seems Important, but What Is It Again?
I must admit, I had never before heard of the concept of service chaining, at least not that I can remember. But I started hearing a whole lot about it at the beginning of this year, and that conversation continues. - 12/06/2013

Interest in Open SDN Increasing in Asia-Pacific Region
As open Software-Defined Networking increases in popularity - one region that is particularly promising for growth is the Asia-Pacific area. - 12/06/2013

Report Indicates Core Network Router's Return to Growth, But Software Models Could Upend Model in the Long Term
It's a tumultuous period for traditional equipment vendors, what with their facilities-based service provider customers feeling the pinch from over-the-top types and pinching them in return, the move to a software-based infrastructure, and the new no… - 12/04/2013

Metaswitch Partners with TeleStax to Open Up Opportunities for the Telco Network
For all their vast knowledge and resources, the telcos these days find themselves trapped between a rock and a hard place. They have the strong foundation that is the underlying network, but they lack the flexibility to quickly and efficiently provis… - 12/04/2013

New Solutions Make Enterprise Data Digital, Searchable, Findable
There's a lot of talk about big data these days, but what about the information that companies already have in - gasp - paper form? - 12/04/2013

HP Unveils Enterprise-Class SDN Open Ecosystem Including Developer Kit and App Store
HP, in an effort to boost partner offerings and cash in on software-defined networking (SDN), has debuted its open ecosystem SDN Developer Kit (SDK). The company is also working on an SDN App Store to allow partners to market their own apps for HP's … - 12/02/2013

SDN Zone Week in Review
It was a busy week in the SDN Zone sector. Here are some of the major stories. - 11/29/2013

Software Defined Power Is New Solution for Disruptions, Provides Efficiency
Among the many solutions which are evolving to counter power disruptions is the emerging field of Software-Defined Power (SDP). It relates to electricity required to power and cool equipment in data centers - such as servers, storage and networking e… - 11/27/2013

IBM, Marist College Partner on SDN Solution to Prevent Communication Disruptions in Major Storms
IT staffs are anxious this Thanksgiving week about the high winds and foul weather hitting much of the United States. That increases the risk for power outages and communication disruptions. - 11/27/2013

SDN is Growing Interest for Most Organizations
A new survey says 89 percent of organizations surveyed are looking at, or have SDN plans. The vast majority, some 62 percent, are "researching or prototyping" SDN, according to a Packet Design survey. - 11/27/2013

Industry Players, Pundits Discuss the Benefits and Challenges of SDN, NFV
Software-defined networking stands to offer service providers and other network operators big benefits in terms of flexibility, network optimization, scalability and time to market. But, as an article posted this week by IT Business Edge's Arthur Col… - 11/26/2013

Forrester, Ovum Explain Who and What is Happening Relative to Cloud
A new Forrester report by Lauren Nelson indicates Cisco, HP and Microsoft are best positioned to make hay on the enterprise ramp up of internal private clouds expected in the next year. - 11/26/2013

EMC Combines VMAX, VNX Teams, as well as Backup & Recovery Efforts
Leveraging shared platforms is an efficiency maneuver many companies institute from a variety of angles, and EMC recently moved to do just that. The company is combining its VMAX and VNX efforts into the Enterprise Storage Division under Brian Gallag… - 11/26/2013

IBM and Marist Using SDN to Keep Datacenters Running During Disasters
IBM has teamed up with the SDN Innovation Lab at Marist College to keep datacenters up and running during severe weather and other disasters with SDN technology. - 11/25/2013

How Software-Defined Networks Enhance Scalability
Today's Internet users are hungry for bandwidth. This hunger is pushing IT experts to come up with inventive ways to scale to network demand. - 11/22/2013

ALU Tells the Story of How a Traditional TEM is Evolving, and Helping Carriers Evole
You'd think that embracing new solutions would be easy for a giant telecommunications equipment manufacturer given the available resources, embedded customer base and vast store of experience. But a long, strong history and an established culture can… - 11/21/2013

UCI Forum and ONF to Forward SDN, UC Integration via Collaborative Relationship
The ONF and UCI Forum have entered into a new collaborative relationship with a goal that should seem obvious given their missions: To integrate SDN into unified communications environments. - 11/20/2013

Brocade Grows Even Without Vyatta Acquisition Factored In
While Brocade expects its storage (SAN) revenue to grow by 3 to 5 percent quarter-over-quarter, the company also noted it expects IP Networking revenue to shrink by 10 to 17 percent quarter-over-quarter. The company blamed the IP Networking weakness … - 11/20/2013

SDN Definitions May Vary, But Things Are Moving Forward
Nailing down precise definitions for new technologies is often a tricky practice, as different companies like to come at rising architectures from their own vantage points and describe them using their own vocabularies. Such is the case with SDN. - 11/19/2013

MTN Communications Selects Spark's Distrix SDN Platform for providing Advanced Internet for Cruise Ships
Spark Integration Technologies Inc. recently announced that MTN Communications Inc. will use the Spark Distrix software defined network (SDN) platform to drive MTNs Nexus. Developed as a Next Generation communication eco-system for the maritime indus… - 11/19/2013

Paving the Way to SDN & NFV: ADVA, Juniper, U of M Demo Big Data Transport
Big data transport such as that being demonstrated by partners ADVA Optical Networking, Juniper Networks and the University of Michigan will pave the way for software-defined networking and network virtualization. - 11/18/2013

CSA Announces The Roll-out Of Software Defined Perimeter Initiative
Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) announced the roll-out of Software Defined Perimeter initiative for driving secured comprehensive networks to connect different IP addressable systems. The initiative would foster the development of secured systems that … - 11/18/2013

Software-Defined Storage: The Key to Futureproofing Data Centers
The demand for inexpensive online storage is booming as consumer media is increasingly digitized and kept in the cloud. According to Gartner, 36 percent of consumer content will be stored on the cloud by 2016, up from just seven percent in 2011. As t… - 11/13/2013

Open Compute Project Foundation Adopts OS Installation Solution from Cumulus
The Open Compute Project Foundation has adopted a new solution for installing software on network switches in an effort to advance the move to more flexible networking environments in the data center. Called the Open Network Install Environment, or O… - 11/13/2013

New Survey Rates Cisco No. 1 in SDN
Cisco Systems Inc., VMware, Juniper Networks, Big Switch and Brocade are among the leaders in software-defined networking, according to survey results published by IT Brand Pulse, a supplier of data and analysis about IT infrastructure. - 11/12/2013

Openwave Exec Discusses the Benefits, Challenges of NFV & SDN
SNS Research forecasts the SDN and NFV space will be worth $4 billion next year alone. Others have suggested that between 30 and 40 percent of the total networking spend will be influenced by SDN over the next six years, which means the total SDN mar… - 11/12/2013

Centec, TryStack Join for OpenStack Solution
Switch company Centec Networks and China-based OpenStack community TryStack have come together to offer an OpenStack solution that uses a physical SDN switch. The partner organizations made the announcement at the OpenStack Summit 2013. - 11/12/2013

SDN on the Cheap
Software Defined Networking (SDN) is a complex and ambitious technology that replaces physical and hard wired network connections with a full layer of virtualization. Sounds expensive? Two-year-old Startup Pertino says it doesn't have to be, provided… - 11/11/2013

Week in Review: SDN Sees Green
It was a week of affirmation for the software-defined networking space, as networking giant Cisco Systems and the VC community poured new money into SDN ventures. - 11/08/2013

F5 Unveils SDN Strategy
F5 Networks Inc. today unveiled its vision for the new software-defined networking data center. Synthesis is the name F5 has given to this new architecture, which is based on software defined application services, the company's trademarked version of… - 11/08/2013

Cisco Announces Application Centric Infrastructure Initiative and Partner Ecosystem
Cisco has made a slew of announcements surrounding its new Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) initiative. The offering brings together Cisco partners while helping facilitate application development and deployment as well as offering a host of … - 11/08/2013

Radware's New Application
Radware is a publicly traded company that offers application delivery and application security tools. Radware has built Alteon software application into the Neutron LBaaS driver by Havana. - 11/08/2013

Cisco Customer TELMEX Launches Private Enterprise Virtual Data Center
In the wake of Cisco Systems' introduction of new software-defined networking gear and announcement it would buy the rest of SDN outfit Insieme, Cisco customer TELMEX today launched a new service called Private Enterprise Virtual Data Center. - 11/07/2013

Douglas Murray Named New CEO at Big Switch Networks
Douglas Murray has been named CEO at Big Switch Networks following several years at Juniper Networks. Murray takes over the top spot just as the company's software-defined networking products are launched into a highly promising marketplace. - 11/06/2013

Aria Garners $4M from Seraphim
In yet another indicator of that trend, capacity management software provider Aria Networks today revealed it has received $4 million during a funding round led by Seraphim Capital (which led its round a year ago last month) supported by the Capital … - 11/05/2013

SDN Storage Outfit Coho Data Gets $25M from Ignition Partners, Andreessen Horowitz
Coho Data later this year will make generally available what it refers to as software-defined networking integrated storage appliances for high performance at cloud-scale. The company says its hybrid flash appliance, the Coho DataStream 1000, can del… - 11/05/2013

SOA Software Unveils Datacenter API Platform for Software Defined Datacenters
SOA Software, a provider of API management and SOA governance solutions, has launched SOA Software Datacenter API Platform, which the company claims as the first datacenter API platform that brings agility and speed within enterprise datacenters. - 11/04/2013

Pacnet Launches Bandwidth on Demand Network
Pacnet has launched its new Pacnet Enabled Network (PEN) as a beta service, offering enterprise customers the ability to provision services on demand, in minutes, once a connection to Pacnet and customer relationship already exists. - 11/04/2013

SOA Software Unveils Datacenter API Platform for Software Defined Datacenters
SOA Software, a provider of API management and SOA governance solutions, has launched SOA Software Datacenter API Platform, which the company claims as the first datacenter API platform that brings agility and speed within enterprise datacenters. - 11/04/2013

Juniper Drops Development in Favor of SDN/NFV, NTT Com Goes Shopping
Much of the software-defined networking world collected this week at the Open Networking User Group conference in New York to demonstration and promote their offerings. - 11/02/2013

NEC, Others, Demo Their SDN Wares at UNUG Event
The Open Networking User Group conference took place this week at JPMorgan Chase in New York, and NEC Corporation of America was among the companies that took advantage of the event to feature its software-defined networking offerings. - 10/31/2013

Big Switch Previews SDN 2.0
Big Switch Networks this week is giving the industry and financial community a sneak peak at some of the things it has in the pipeline on the software-defined networking front. And these developments, and a recent blog by the company, look at SDN fro… - 10/30/2013

Juniper Names its Next-Gen Cloud Center Architecture MetaFabric
Juniper Networks started the year by talking about its software-defined networking strategy. That came a month after the company snapped up SDN outfit Contrail Systems. During the year Juniper introduced some product in the SDN vein. And, now, 10 mon… - 10/29/2013

Tail-f Systems Announces NCS Plugin for OpenStack
Tail-f Systems - which provides network programmability solutions for traditional and Software-Defined Networks - has announced a NCS plugin for OpenStack. - 10/29/2013

Frost & Sullivan: SDN Needs Standards
Software-defined networking holds great promise for network operators to more cost effectively and flexibly use their network assets. But for SDN to reach its full potential, the industry needs to agree on a set of protocols and standards so that we'… - 10/29/2013

VMTurbo Names Geeta Sachdev as New CMO
There has been a lot of news reported about VMTurbo, Inc., lately. This is a provider of software-defined control systems for businesses running mission-critical applications on virtualized and cloud infrastructures. The company has virtualization an… - 10/28/2013

Juniper Reorg Emphasizes Strength of NFV, SDN Movement
The network infrastructure giant, which is cutting its workforce by 3 percent in a realignment effort to target high-growth opportunities, recently dropped its work on the MobileNext enhanced packet core product line for mobile operators, deciding in… - 10/28/2013

SDN Zone Week in Review
It was a busy week in the SDN Zone sector. Here are some of the major stories. - 10/26/2013

NoviFlow, Georgia Tech Partner on SDN
Georgia Tech is working with NoviFlow to look at how the vendor's OpenFlow switch can meet research challenges related to software-defined networking. - 10/25/2013

Iskratel Unveils SDN Application
The Slovenian equipment supplier Iskratel has unveiled a new SDN application for both residential and business uses. Iskratel ISA (intelligent service access) is a network intelligence solution allowing for centralized management and dynamic per-sess… - 10/25/2013

Huawei Introduces Carrier-Class SDN Controller
The area of software-defined networking is hot, and everybody seems to want a piece of it. Not surprisingly, that includes network infrastructure giant Huawei, which today announced its Carrier-Class SDN Controller-SNC. - 10/24/2013

How SDN, NFV Will Help CSPs Revive Their Networks & Revenues
Sure, these facilities-based giants still wield great power due to their large customer numbers, technical experience, significant financial resources, and political sway. But, at the same time, they are grappling with how to better meet the challeng… - 10/23/2013

6WIND Takes Home a 2013 Excellent in SDN Award
Packet processing software provider 6WIND has been named a winner of the 2013 Excellence in SDN Award, presented by TMC's Internet Telephony Magazine and SDN Zone. The company's SDN architecture, 6WINDGate, was a factor in this award win as it has ha… - 10/21/2013

SDN Zone Week in Review
Four new technology companies have joined Blue Orbit to deliver software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV) applications. The four were identified by Cyan as Connectem, Mellanox, Metaswitch, and Red Hat. They will dem… - 10/19/2013

NoviFlow Recognized as Hot Company
As cloud infrastructure continues to grow amassing incredible volumes of data every single day, the networks charged with the task of controlling the traffic in and out of data centers around the world are being taxed to the limit. Traditional networ… - 10/18/2013

EMC ViPR SDS Platform now Part of Brocade SAN Management Technology
Brocade, a data center fabric networking solutions provider, announced it is integrating EMC ViPR software defined storage platform as part of its storage area networking (SAN) management technology. - 10/18/2013

Brocade, Infinera, ENet Successfully Demonstrate 100G Multilayer Network with SDN
The recent announcement by the collaboration between the High Performance Networks Group at the University of Bristol and the Japan National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) showed the first successful demonstration of a … - 10/18/2013

Four New Tech Companies Join Blue Orbit to Deliver SDN, NFV Applications
Four new technology companies have joined Blue Orbit to deliver software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV) applications. - 10/17/2013

Coho Data Looks to Public Cloud Architecture to Reimagine Datacenter Solution
Working to combat underlying scale and performance limitations in traditional storage architectures, Coho Data looked to public cloud architecture when it came time to redesign its Coho DataStream solution. The software is designed to enable business… - 10/17/2013

6WIND Uses IXIA to Ensure Performance Over Software Defined Networks
Ixia, company providing network testing and security products, has announced that 6WIND is using its solutions to deliver high performance data plane software. - 10/14/2013

SDN Zone Week in Review
It was a busy week in the SDN Zone sector. Here are some of the major stories. - 10/12/2013

In Response to Growing Demand for Video Content, Evertz EXE Releases Video Service Platform
The popularity of smartphones and other sophisticated mobile devices like tablets is undeniable. Even in markets where the technology has not been adopted so quickly, smartphones are gaining in popularity over feature phones. Having more of these dev… - 10/11/2013

Radware Commercially Launches SDN Solution ElasticScale
A software-defined networking solution from Radware called ElasticScale is now commercially available, the company announced today. ElasticScale optimizes network services via virtual appliance provisioning, traffic distribution across virtual applia… - 10/10/2013

Accedian Introduces Performant Networks Solutions Group
Accedian Networks recently announced the introduction of its new solutions group, Performant Networks. The Solutions Group will provide a Wireless-Aware SDN portfolio, which has been designed to enhance performance in real-time over fixed-wireless ne… - 10/09/2013

CohesiveFT: SDN, NFV Can Enable CSP Differentiation with VPCs
Software-defined networking and network functions virtualization can help cloud service providers (CSPs) survive and thrive in an increasingly competitive marketplace. - 10/09/2013

The Long and Winding Road to SDN, NFV
Software defined networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) are hot topics, but carriers say it will be years before either technology is deployed within their networks. Standards have yet to be set, leading service providers to work… - 10/09/2013

Facebook Tech Exec Espouses SDN
This spring, Facebook began advertising for candidates to fill SDN network software engineer positions at its Menlo Park, Calif., location. As Gigamon reported in April, the social network company is looking for people to help it deploy software-defi… - 10/07/2013

SDN Zone Week in Review
It was a busy week in the SDN Zone sector. Here are some of the major stories. - 10/05/2013

NEC Demos SDN Integration with Partners
NEC Corporation of America is at Interop this week, demonstrating the integration of its software-defined networking solution with a handful of other vendors' solutions. - 10/04/2013

ADARA Lowers Prices, Increases Capabilities of Its SDN Solutions
ADARA Networks has upped the redundancy, scalability, and security on its Comet, Orion and Sirius software-defined networking products, and lowered their costs. - 10/03/2013

Zhone Joins the Open Networking Foundation
Zhone Technologies Inc. has joined the Open Networking Foundation (ONF). ONF was established in 2011 by Deutsche Telekom, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Verizon and Yahoo, and now has more than 100 members. Its mission is to accelerate the adoption … - 10/03/2013

Evertz Intros New SDN Offering Targeting Video
Evertz Technologies, which sells video and audio infrastructure for telecom, TV and other media applications, has come out with a new SDN solution targeted squarely at helping customers scale the growing mountain of video traffic. - 10/03/2013

SDN, NFV Not Just Hype
Software-defined networking (SDN) takes control from hardware and puts it in the hands of a software application. Fueled by the evolution of virtualization, SDN is generating a lot of discussion in the tech industry, especially this week at Interop i… - 10/03/2013

RAD Joins Cyan Blue Orbit
The word "ecosystem" has recently added to the popular IT lexicon, and one area in which we're hearing it the most lately is in the SDN and NFV realm. In yet another development on this front, RAD today announced it has joined the Cyan Blue Orbit eco… - 10/02/2013

Netsocket Intros Solution Offering Low-Risk Path to SDN
Today, Netsocket unveiled what it calls a low-cost, low-risk software-defined networking solution designed for distributed office LAN, enterprise campus, and edge networking environments. - 10/02/2013

Transmode Details Its SDN Strategy
Packet-optical networking equipment supplier Transmode this week detailed its software-defined networking strategy, which includes plans to introduce its first SDN product - an SDN controller - in December. - 10/02/2013

Radware Joins HP SDN Ecosystem
Radware has joined HP's SDN ecosystem in an effort to accelerate its software-defined networking strategy. - 10/02/2013

HP Intros SDN App Store, Developer Kit, New Products and Services
HP is bringing the app store concept to software-defined networking. - 09/30/2013

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