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Meru Introduces SDN Management Dashboard, Apps, and App Store
By: Paula Bernier
Taking its second major step down the software-defined networking path, Meru Networks today unveiled an application provisioning and management dashboard called Meru Center, and the Meru App Store, along with the first two apps available from it. All… - 10/29/2014

Not All Colocation Services Are Created Equal
By: Laura Stotler
Colocation has come to mean a lot of things over the years, traditionally signifying off-site data storage, typically in a data center. Often provided as a standardized service, colocation usually meant an organization's data was safely backed up in … - 10/27/2014

VSS Monitoring Helps Enterprises Scale, Maintain Visibility with the Optimizer 2400
By: Paula Bernier
That's important given that 23 percent of organizations experience serious, service impacting problems every day; 50 percent experience problems monthly; and 44 percent of companies don't know they are being hacked at any given moment due to data ove… - 10/27/2014

NFV & SDN Zone Week in Review: More Product Launches & German Transportation Firm Taps IBM
By: Paula Bernier
Suppliers can introduce an array of new products and partnerships, but things really get interesting is when clients put those solutions into action, so we'll start there with our NFV & SDN Zone Week in Review this week. - 10/25/2014

IBM to Solve Big Data Challenges of Stuttgart Public Transportation System
By: Michael Guta
Even though IBM spends more than $6 billion annually on R&D, it missed the boat in evaluating the potential of cloud technology, which many believe is responsible for 10 straight quarters of revenue declines for the company. As it liquidates differen… - 10/23/2014