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SDN's Efficient Resource Allocation on the Verge of Taking Over IT
By: Christopher Mohr
According to a recent IHS Infonetics report, demand for SDN is growing rapidly. This is evident in the market for SDN Ethernet switches, which was at $718 million in 2014, but expected to increase more than 18-fold to $13 billion in 2019. The ease wi… - 01/14/2016

Cisco Takes Taiwan in Rapid Broadband Deal
By: John Casaretto
Everywhere you look, there is content exploding on the web, in mobile, and on entertainment networks. A lot of it is video, a lot of is in digital photographs, and a lot is based on the social stream that has become a basic part of our modern lives. … - 01/08/2016

Citrix Exec Explains Why Company is Uniquely Positioned for SD-WAN
By: Paula Bernier
This year should see the mass-market adoption of SD-WAN, a technology that meets the needs of today's applications by providing large and reliable bandwidth. That was the message Chalan Aras, vice president and general manager of Citrix Systems, conv… - 01/05/2016

Dell'Oro Group Predicts Massive SDN Market Explosion
By: David Delony
The Dell'Oro Group has released a report that forecasts the Software Defined Networking (SDN) market to grow by 70 percent this year over 2014. - 11/11/2015

Ericsson, Ethihad Etisalat Mobily Complete Dynamic Service Chaining Test
By: Paula Bernier
As part of its broader initiative to explore software-defined network technology to transform its business, Ethihad Etisalat Mobily has recently been working with its long-time partner Ericsson to test dynamic service chaining. The company announced … - 10/20/2015

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