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Brocade Powers Singapore Research and Education Network Upgrade
By: Paula Bernier
Singapore Advanced Research and Education Network has formally introduced its new 100gpbs network, which includes a dual fiber optic ring that can support multiple 100gigabit Ethernet links. Today this network connects Singapore's key research and ed… - 09/02/2014

Week in Review: VMware, Partners Tell their Software-Defined Stories
By: Paula Bernier
In a keynote Tuesday, VMware CTO Ben Fathi talked about how software-defined architectures can be deployed. Businesses are stuck in siloes, they want to cloud-enable existing applications, to allow developers to quickly introduce new capabilities, an… - 08/30/2014

Active Broadband Networks Introduces SDN-based Broadband Gateway
By: Paula Bernier
The new Software-Defined Broadband Network Gateway from Active Broadband Networks promises to "dramatically reduce" the cost and complexity of broadband service delivery. - 08/28/2014

VMware's EVO:RAIL to Simplify Software-Defined IT Infrastructure Deployment
By: Michael Guta
The sheer volume of data being created today demands smarter networks and data centers in order to manage the traffic effectively, so the end user can watch their six-second vine without any hiccups. - 08/28/2014

Brocade Extends Effort to Promote Solid State Storage and the Software-Defined Data Center
By: Paula Bernier
Brocade has expanded its Solid State Ready program to also address Ethernet fabrics, solutions testing, and market development investments related to awareness activities, education, marketing, and technical and sales support, the company announced t… - 08/26/2014