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Australasia Alliance Forms Around SDN
By: Paula Bernier
A group of university representatives, the National Science Agency, and a handful of companies have come together in Australia and New Zealand to encourage the forward-movement of software-defined networking. The companies involved include Google, In… - 07/25/2014

Allied Telesis Predicts that Software Defined Networking will Define the Future of Business
By: Matt Paulson
Global provider of secure IP and Ethernet switching solutions Allied Telesis has recently announced that the rising trend of Software Defined Networking (SDN) solutions in data centers will continue to gain momentum, but only after applications that … - 07/25/2014

Big Switch Networks Announces Strategic Partnership with In-Q-Tel
By: Deepika Mala
Big Switch Networks, a major player in providing hyperscale networking solutions for all data center users, recently signed a partnership agreement with In-Q-Tel. - 07/24/2014

Cisco's APIC EM Controller Provides it a Presence in SDN
By: Steve Anderson
While the software-defined networking (SDN) concept is making some huge strides, there are two points in this growing market that are proving less of a surprise: one, that there are more and more firms interested in getting in on the action and two, … - 07/24/2014

Telecom Capex Responds to the Cloud, Connected Everything
By: Tara Seals
GlobeNet, an international wholesale provider of Latin American data network services, has taken to the television airwaves to discuss the drivers and requirements behind the need for more capex-specifically, a rise in connected devices and the cloud… - 07/24/2014