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InterDigital, University Demo How ICN and SDN Deliver the Best of All Worlds
By: Paula Bernier
InterDigital Europe Ltd. and University of Essex researchers have demonstrated what the entities say is the first IP-over-ICN-over-SDN implementation. This breakthrough involved translating an IP flow into an IP-over-ICN abstraction, leveraging SDN s… - 07/31/2015

SDN Market Will Reach $3.52 Billion by 2018
By: Laura Stotler
The global SDN market is set to reach $3.52 billion by 2018, driven by a massive uptake in mobility and mobile services as well as the need for increasingly more efficient network infrastructure. The cloud is also playing a role in market growth, as … - 07/29/2015

Packet Design Lands New Patent for Showing Communications Traffic
By: Steve Anderson
Packet Design recently landed a new patent in aid of helping users know what's going on in the network, built around a system that accurately displays information about communications traffic on a network. - 07/29/2015

Large Chinese Hospital Taps Avaya Solutions to Expedite New Capabilities
By: Paula Bernier
The Second Hospital of Tianjin Medical University is using Avaya's SDN Fx solution to allow for more efficient management of its network and speed the delivery of new medical applications. - 07/28/2015

Brocade Helps CERN openlab Deploy SDN Strategy
By: Laura Stotler
A new SDN partnership has been announced, designed to help address some of the long-term challenges of network infrastructure development. Brocade Communications Systems, a longtime provider of networking and cloud computing solutions, will be workin… - 07/27/2015