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Mediation and Billing Solution Providers Partner to Address Next-Gen Networks, Services
By: Paula Bernier
DigitalRoute and MetraTech have joined forces to help service providers more easily monetize their cloud, M2M, network functions virtualization, software-defined networking, and unified communications capabilities. - 04/15/2014

IDC: Logicalis Stands Benefit from SDN
By: Paula Bernier
Software-defined networking is a new, game-changing technology that could shift the balance of things in the telecom and datacom equipment world. Among the potential winners in this game could be Logicalis, an international IT solutions and managed s… - 04/14/2014

SDN Zone Week in Review
By: Paula Bernier
If I had to pick a theme of the week for the SDN Zone, I'd have to go with OpenDaylight. It was this week that The OpenDaylight Project announced a summer internship program. This week also saw Huawei announce it has established an OpenDaylight La… - 04/12/2014

OneAsia Employs SDN-based Pluribus Switch
By: Paula Bernier
"SDN and large-scale network virtualization will become a game shifter, providing important building blocks for delivering future enterprise and hybrid, private, and public cloud services," said Nav Chander, research manager for telecom services and … - 04/11/2014

OpenDaylight Project Offers Summer Internship
By: Paula Bernier
If you're a college-aged software developer - or you have a friend, neighbor, child, grandchild, cousin, niece, or nephew who is one - you may want check into the summer internship program being offered by The OpenDaylight Project. - 04/11/2014


Software-defined network is considered by many to be one of the most important, and potentially disruptive, developments in networking since the rise of the Internet. To date, networks and connectivity have come first, and applications have followed. SDN turns this model on its head, approaching networking from an apps-first standpoint.

In this SDN pre conference at ITEXPO Miami, we will define SDN, look at the technologies and components involved in SDN, the use cases of SDN, the players involved in moving SDN forward, and what this all means for networking as we know it.